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Hi, I have a almost 10 yr aerius. But I think the both the panel is spoilt as the sound emitting from the panel is softer and softer and now I can only hear faint sound for the panel. The woofer sound is "BIG" in comparison. Agent advise to replace the panel, but it would cost a bomb! Anyone try reviving the panel? try using a vaccum cleaner to suck the dust. only helps by 1% - 3% only. I live in the tropical region, thus the humidity and dust caused it. Help is needed here or anyone have been DIY repaired the panel like cleaning with "distill water"? Thanks in advance.


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Jan 16, 2005
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Big Canoe, GA
If the panel is as shot as you say, then it could not hurt to unmount the panels, and clean it in the shower with a strong spray of water.

After drying, remount and test.

Also, double check that the unit is getting energized correctly. You could just have an issue with a power cord, a socket or the internal high-voltage board.
If you are able to check voltages with a meter, do so (carefully).

But after 10 years in the tropics, you most likely do need new panels. I sure would recommend them.


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Apr 7, 2005
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It's interesting to see you are experiencing something similar to what happened to me. Although I have different panels I'm quite sure the DIY repair posted in this link would also work in your case else your only other option is to purchase new elements.

Weak sounding panel repair

Before applying any conductive liquids to the panels always do a simple test using glad wrap plastic over a small dish and testing the solution after it dries. An inexpensive ohm meter will suit the purpose using 2 small coins placed at each end of the stretched plastic and measure the resistance created by the applied solution.
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