Washing panels without taking them off speakers

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Roberto, I accept your findings on measuring 1900 VDC by >direct contact< on the front but not the rear. I also remember another ML having ~2500V bias.
The electrons which carry the electrostatic field 'ride in' the coating (or coatings) which is on the front and are insulated to the rear by the diaphragm itself. But the diaphragm is very thin, and the >electrostatic field< is felt by dust and music on both the front and back.
In my case it is actually the panel most likely. I’ve switched the panel from the problematic speaker to the good one. And the problem seems follow the panel. Right now the humidity is constantly lower than 55% so the problem is not present. I’ll post an update when summer comes.
But yeah, I agree that having them recapped is always a good idea. I’ve done my amps, crossover for the vistas. Now it’s power supply’s turn.
I second what Jason said - Had one of my Spire start hissing like crazy. Vacuuming front and back helped the random buzz and the hiss a little but up close noticed that there was a grease/oil build up on the clear film (not near kitchen so not sure what it was).

Took the panels off the wood bases but did not disassemble any further. Cleaned with a steamer (McCulloch MC1385) far enough away to where the heat wouldn't distort the panel. Used it more due to the steam being pure water as well. Then took an air compressor + wand on very low pressure to push the water out to the sides. I did this a few times consecutively , you could clearly see through them after. Let them dry for 2 days and then hooked back up.

Day and night difference! Hope this helps someone, but be careful!