Nordost price increase January 1st.

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DaVinci Media

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Mar 20, 2008
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Just another heads up on a manufacturers planned price increase. If anyone is interested in taking advantage of the always generous DaVinci Discount for forum members as well as the lower current pricing let me know. Also, I have some customers upgrading and will have some trade in cables available including some Valhalla 2 and Odin 2. This is a great opportunity to get some fabulous pricing on Nordost. If you check with individuals on the forum who use Nordost they really make an excellent pairing in systems with Martin Logan speakers. Nordost technology is such that the signal speed is extremely fast, in most cases 95% of the speed of light or faster. I, and many others have found this really accentuates the speed and accuracy of the electrostats. Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss further. And please, can we not make this a cables dont really make a difference thread. If thats your opionion thats fine but there are very many people who do hear a difference. Also, in Nordosts case there are measureable differences such as capacitance, inductance, DC resistance, shielding coverage and the earlier mentioned speed of propagation. There are measurable differences, and science behind the Nordost cables design. I'd be happy to discuss this with anyone. Also, Nordost has always been very happy to let people demo there cables. They create specific demo cases for their cables that can be checked out and tried at home (pictures included, cases in photos not full because we use the cables in our demo systems). Also, Nordost has a very high end cable burn in platform called the Vidar. All nordost cables purchased from DaVinci include this service (also pictured). I'd be happy to discuss all of this with anyone whos interested.


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Big Dog RJ

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Apr 3, 2022
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Nice one mate!

My local Melb Nordost dealer, also uses the Vidar. Definitely a must have gadget for every Nordost dealer! As very correctly pointed out above, the Nordost cables and accessories are really top notch stuff. They're pricey and they're fancy but if you ever get a chance to try any one of their top tier cables, such as Odin, Valhalla, or even the Tyr2 or Frey2 series, they just add life and energy to your system at an extraordinary level! One that you would have thought had reached its limits... until you actually try Nordost. I wouldn't use anything else in my particular setup.

Cheers, and enjoy those fine tunes!