Melissa Stylinou - No Regrets

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May 22, 2005
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Queensland, Australia
Format - FLAC 24-bit / 88.2
Artist - Melissa Stylianou
Title - No Regrets
Year of Release - 2014
Record Label - Anzic
Genre - Jazz

I've put this in the Jazz section, but I'll say up front that it is more pop than jazz.

I note, the music is a little too theatrical, choreographed and contrived for my preference, so bear that in mind - although the mood is easy and the result is eminently listenable music.

Now for the sound though. It is good obviously - that's why I'm posting it here. But I've heard many good recordings. They still sound a long way off a live performance.

In this case however - I have never herad a recording with more "live" moments than this. There are just so many passages that portray a live sound to a quality which I have not heard before. All the texture, timbre and tonality of the real instrument comes through.

Just take the first track "Nice work if you can get it" - listen out for

Piano 0 - 0.08
Piano 0.38 - 0.41 seconds
double bass 0.52 - 0.53
drums 2.10 - 2.15
double bass 3.05 - 3.32
toms 3.40 - 3.43

The sound is non-fatiguing, and even though the music is not my primary preference, I could listen all day.