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Apr 3, 2022
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This is all very interesting. How I get around all of this is...........I put the black covers on my Classic 9's when ever they are not in use, so they are not exposed to much. Only me in the house, no furry pets. I got OCD bad when it comes to dust in the listening space or anywhere in the home for that matter 😟 :giggle: .
I do exactly the same, everything is covered from head to toe. Black covers on CLX's plus all the gear as well, cloth / pillow covers on top. Especially the TT rig, got two very curious cats... The BF210 is covered as well with spare tubes on top. Each component has spare (burnt out) tubes sitting on them, this sort of keeps those furry fellas away... I guess they're scared of the flame if it lights up!
A serious Vacuum session takes place before listening, unless I was listening on consecutive days. Otherwise vacuum twice a week before uncovering, this all takes about 15 - 20mins, so it's become an annoying ritual but needs to get done. Very ocd here as well, and nothing's allowed to spill on the floor either!

Keep it clean mate! It's worth it.
Woof! RJ


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