Saving Private Ryan "The D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition" (DTS)

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May 9, 2005
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Saving Private Ryan "The D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition" (DTS)

Title: Saving Private Ryan “The D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition” (DTS) “The WWII Collection”
Year of Release: 1998
Film Studio: DreamWorks / Paramount Pictures / Amblin Entertainment
Genre: War Drama

My personal favorite, ‘World War Two’(WWII), war film. “Saving Private Ryan”, is a singularly realistic portrait of the soldiers who fought, lived, died and ultimately, saved us all. My father and Mother’s generation who placed them selves in harms way to see that the world could keep their freedom. They always told me, “Freedom is not free”. Hitler, that totalitarian dictator, had an incredible war machine, which is shown to perfection in this awesome, Steven Spielberg film. The Germans and allies were relentless and viscous from the D-Day landings in France’s Normandy Beaches till the end of WWII, some of which is displayed so wonderfully in this most excellent war film.

Steven Spielberg’s outstanding tribute to our brave soldiers was wonderfully directed by him, as well as beautifully written by Robert Rodat. Tom Hanks is at his dramatic best here, showing the humanity and the desperateness of fighting a tough enemy. My favorite, Tom Hanks scene, is when after having defeated the machine gun nest, under the radar tower and losing his medic in the process, he stops his men from arguing, by finally revealing to them exactly what he did for a living, back home, before the war. Hanks’ character also tells his men, ‘if he will ever be able to explain this day to his wife’. It was very moving and compelling for me. All of the characters of the patrol are depicted so well by a host of great actors, which included, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Berry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Jeremy Davies, and Matt Damon.

When this film first came out, we took my, then, 76 year, old father in-law to see this film. He had fought, for four years in Europe, in France and in Germany, with the, 104th army, ‘Timber Wolves’ division. He came to fight the war, just after D-Day, and stayed until the end of the war in Europe. At one point during the opening battle on Omaha Beach, I looked over at my father in-law, to see him with both hands raised in the air, as if praising the honor of his fellow soldiers glory and sacrifice… My father in-law was a strong man, who never cried, but this movie moved him to tears. I asked him afterwards what he thought of the film, he told me that it was extremely realistic, showing almost exactly the level of war violence and ferocity of actual combat, which he had experienced during the WWII. Especially, with regards to the actual shooting war of the US infantry soldiers.
My father in-law not only experienced, this type of combat, but he also liberated several Concentration Camps too. He experienced the incredible horror of seeing the aftermath of the butchery, of tens thousands of Jews, Poles, and Russians, in these Concentration Camps. “During WWII I saw, Man’s inhumanity to man”, he used to say. “Saving Private Ryan, is an important film for everyone to see”, my father in-law said after viewing the film, and he concluded with, “Because, if we don’t learn from the past we maybe domed to repeat it”. He used to kid me after seeing Saving Private Ryan, saying, “I think someone else should pick the next movie we see”. “I don’t know if I can take another War movie like "Saving Private Ryan”. And it was very true, my father in-law was simply exhausted by the end of this film, it took a lot out of him emotionally to relive, to witness / remind him of WWII. He thought "Saving Private Ryan", was an excellent film though. Sadly, I lost my father in-law in January 2002, to cancer. We will miss him as well as, all of the other soldiers / heroes / veterans of WWII.
Just so you know, my own father served in the Pacific theater of WWII, on a US Navy, Minesweeper. He was an electrician. After the WWII, he became an elementary school teacher, on the GI bill. He currently, continues to enjoy his retirement at the tender age of 83. ;)

There are two bonus documentary films in this DVD collection. The first DVD in this, “The WWII collection” is hosted by Tom Hanks entitled, “Shooting War – World War II Combat Cameramen”, which is a fascinating look at the first war to be truly reported by combat photographers and cameramen and women who gave us the incredible images of WWII.
The second film documentary DVD is; “Price For Peace – From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki”, with an introduction by Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg and Stephen E. Ambrose in association with The National D-Day Museum presented this documentary DVD. The DVD features firsthand accounts of the unforgettable events in the Pacific Theater of WWII. From the bombing of Pearl Harbor through the American occupation of Japan in 1945. How these young brave men and women dealt with being thrust into this tremendously brutal chapter of our history was fascinating to see.
To top-off, “The WWII Collection”, gloriously..., there is a, ‘D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Album’ entitled, “Saving Private Ryan – The Mission and the Movie” with photo’s and commentary from Spielberg, Ambrose, some of the actors, and actual soldiers who served in WWII. The album booklet concludes with the following quote from General Omar Bradley in 1974: “Omaha Beach was a nightmare. Even now it brings pain to recall what happened there on June 6, 1944. I have returned many times to honor the valiant men who died on that beach. They should never be forgotten. Nor should those who lived to carry the day by the slimmest of margins. Every man who set foot on Omaha Beach that day was a hero.”
Yet another, bonus DVD disc, which is in the same case as the feature film, contains: An Inside Look with the Filmmakers, Looking into the Past: Research, the Screenplay and the Vision, The Making of a Platoon, Boot Camp for the Cast, Re-creating D-Day: Omaha Beach, and much more…

I wanted to make special mention of the excellent DTS sound of the feature film, “Saving Private Ryan”. The DTS sound was not only superb, but the DTS was powerfully presented. I could hear all of the bullets and bombs, all around my ML system. A rifle fired, for the Theater i and Ascent i, quickly travels to my Script i’s and to my Sony rears, in fine HT surround DTS style… Martin Logan speakers are so revealing that you feel you are actually so immersed, you feel like you are right there in the WWII battles of, “Saving Private Ryan”. It is wonderful DTS sound at it’s very best indeed.

Saving Private Ryan “The D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition”, “The WWII Collection”, not only honors the 416,000 US military soldiers, who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, but recognizes the 51,000,000 combined Allied losses, as well as acknowledging the some 11,000,000 Axis deaths that occurred as a result of WWII as well. Sadly, a total of 62,000,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives during the course of WWII, which simply boggles my mind.

IMHO, this is an American film classic motion picture, a necessity for all DVD film libraries. It gets my highest recommendation… :D

:D HT relaxed, comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on…




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