Martin Logan 13A's and a subwoofer pairing question.

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Aug 17, 2022
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Prescott Valley Az.
I am in the middle of moving to a house that changes my theater quite a bit (much larger space (16x20) however it wide open to the kitchen :( With that said I am looking at new subs as right now I have a MUCH smaller enclosed room running a SVS Sealed 3000. My question is that I had my eyes on x2 SVS PB 16 Ultra ported, though in reviews I see they tend not to hold up as well in the mid bass as they do in the low. Does anyone know if the 13A's hold themselves well in the mid bass section with the 4 sealed subs they bring to the table. Is this the case and reason one would want to go sealed? I am pitting the SVS's with the x2 ML Dynamo 1600x's which are sealed. Any thoughts on which way you would go? I also have the ability to run DIRAC for sound calibration once the subs are in place. Part of me is also thinking that the ML subs come with ARC as do the 13A's and maybe its best to keep the family together. Please note that I understand this hobby and obsession is very opinion based and in the end it comes to what sounds good to me, however I do welcome many opinions as it helps educate me and pushed me to learn and think about things I may not have considered in the past when making a decision.
Take a look at REL. they have awesome subs available that can also be arranged in a array that may suit your needs better