Impression of my new Power Sound Audio S2112M subwoofer

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Any idea what the IPAL brings to the table that the standard version doesn't?

I'd be folding this in with two BF210s and might put it at the rear of my large room, replacing a Dynamo 1100X. Or I could put it in an out-of-site location along the right side of the room, behind my couch. (Couch is L-shaped, and the shorter part of the L is parallel to the right wall, about 3' off the wall.)

The room is large and open to multiple other rooms and a hallway. Ceilings are vaulted. Volume of the main room is probably north of 7500 cu ft. The sealed 21" might be a nice addition.

The IPal gives you more headroom. It’s got twice the wattage of the standard sub, and a woofer that’s designed to handle every bit of that 4000 watts. Double the amp power basically gives you 3 dB more headroom over the standard sub. In large rooms like yours, that can be very useful.