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I find the performance of the Logos lies between the Cinema and Theater. The Logos sound a bit 'thicker', with less treble than the Cinema and Theater. The Logos has very good dispersion, the Theater even better. The Cinema has a weird dispersion, due to its concave panel. I was always aware of the center channel playing, could not integrate it perfectly with my fronts (first Scenario, later Aeon). The Logos and Theater are both more seamless.
I find my Logos to mate very well with my Monoliths. I was afraid the Logos might not keep up in terms of SPL with the Monoliths, and in only a few instances has that happened. For 99% of time it's great.

I did have to EQ a bit to get the timbral match just right.

I've auditioned the Theater (w/prodigies) and thought it was a great center. But since everything about the setup was different, hard to compare against the Logos.