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Aug 4, 2023
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I have a Marantz Cinema 40 AVR and I also have an Anthem MDX8. I no longer use the MDX8 for different Zones and I am considering how best to wire my speakers. I have a 7.2.4 surround system so I need to use yhe MDX8 to power at least 2 channels. It is 60watts per channel at 8ohms. I have Martin Logan XT F100s as fronts and an XT C100 for the center. I run the Motion FX and then Motion 4i for the surrounds. I'm wondering if I should run all my surrounds with the MDX8 or run the fronts and center Bi amped with the MDX8 and the surrounds with the Cinema 40. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.
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Since you have four heights, can the Cinema 40 still be configured for four tops? As the amp-assign will consume the heigth2 amps, but I suppose it's possible they support the height2 pre-amp outputs, but I'd check.
I think bi-amp only applies to Front L/R, not center.

Since the F100's are crossed over to your two subs, they are probably not a huge load for the amps in the Cinema 40.

But it's worth trying since you have the gear for it. Just remember to remove the jumpers across the Speaker terminals.
I'd go for what receiver sounds best for the front and perhaps also center. Bi-amp - why would you do that? I did that some time back, but in reality, the big power is the bass so you do not create headroom, at least not worth talking about. Since you have subs (trust active) with a crossover at about 80Hz , then the biggest strain on the receiver has been removed, bi-amping will of course give a certain headroom in this case, but I would not think it changes anything - but do try it out. If it's better in your ears that's what you do. You might consider connecting the center line out from the one receiver to the L/R line in on the other receiver (via a Y cable) and in that way bi-amp the center - I would not do that myself. The center possibly rolls off before 100 Hz so again you wouldn't gain much. Bridging to triple the center output would be the solution, but I guess you cannot bridge any of the AVRs. so that's not an option. Whatever you try let's know what you find the ideal solution for your room.
Thank you. I was more curious about it but the more I read and see responses the more I think there won't be any benefit to trying it. I do appreciate the input.