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vesa koskinen

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May 5, 2023
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Sorry about late reply.
No room corrections or DSP for my home system. (I dont like it)
Summit has good sub bass tuning. I have used it. (-2, -6dB)
The sound is little dead in high notes, not 10dB or something like that. I have tried some different amplifiers, and it helps.
Also I like the twist of sound what the spikes makes.. Slowly it gets better and better (or I start to like it)
I try to make proper RTA whit miniDSP mic.


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Jan 3, 2014
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Albany, NY
I have no inside knowledge as to how difficult or expensive it is for ML to continue to be tooled up to make panels for older speakers. But I too am happy with their decision to continue doing so--particularly since they have no full range ESL in current production, which are my preference. It would be nice to see them revive the CLS line. The CLX was apparently expensive to make, and too expensive for me to afford.

I do appreciate the importance of economic considerations to a company's survival. I do not want to see ML go the way of Audio Research.