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  • Hello Justin,
    I have a complete ML surround speakerset and I'am rebuild mine Logos centre.
    There is a part on it which I do'nt understand . I place it under "what is this " on the forum. (general discussion) Can you look at it and see what you can do for me so that I can continue with mine Logos .

    Thanks for your help
    Hans Dokman Nederland
    Do you guys sell any B-Stock speakers or speaker returned, or Demo interested in either Source or new Electro-Motion, and are the Electro-Motion a big difference from the Source, does the extra 6" panel make a big difference, Thanks. Jim
    Just thought I would try a PM. I noticed you haven't posted lately and I can understand why. But as a big time ML customer with CLXs and some 20 other ML speakers, I was really curious if ML is going to do a CLX matched Center Channel.


    Knowing where you are from, the industry you are in and you age, you MUST know my son Jason Rappaport, President of Integrated Technologies in Hagerstown
    Hi Justin! just wondering, when i try to login it doesnt confirm or denie me, and im not seeing my system in the list. i signed up the same day tom posted the thread so im at a loss...

    Jim Mimna
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