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Jan 5, 2005
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I notice there have not been many reviews written on this cable series. Does anyone on this board use Kimber Kable Select? How would you compare them to say..................... Nordost vaunted Valhalla series?

Thank you in advance.
ive had 3033's and 3035's and i have to say i was not all that impressed. they had very good dynamics on the top end, but lacked richness on the low end.

...but thats just one guys opinion.
My personal opinion (listen for yourself!) is that they are very upfront and 'busy'. Too tiring for my taste... But the silver Select cables are definitely better than the copper ones, sounding more relaxed in the midrange.
Kimber Select

I've had Kimber Select interconnects in my system for a while - the KS 1021 (unshielded) and lately the KS 1120 (shielded). I like both of them, maybe the 1021 the most. They are obviously a high quality product, and worth auditioning.

Compared to my Nordost Blue Heaven, they give some more detail, but are a little leaner. The top end is maybe a little sweeter in the KS and transients are a little "slower", especially in the 1120. I'm going back to the Nordosts, as they are a better match in my system. Better value also.

I have not tried the KS speaker wires.


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Ive tried Kimber Select and Nordost Valhalla speaker cables with my system but preferred Zero Autoformers - slightly more detail as well as a tighter and more extended bass. Also Zero's are only a fraction of the price of the dearer cables.