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I have exchanged previous correspondences with both Gayle and Rafael and they have agreed to an interview session. I am hoping to do it after the CES and certainly sometime this month. Feel free to post up any questions you would like the two head honchos to answer and I will pass it along to them. If there is a specific question for either of them, indicate which person you would like to answer.
Pink, pink and pink

I have been asking a pair of pink ML to use at the shows many many time. They always seem to get the colour wrong everytime. Can you ask them to hire someone at their colour department to get the colour right next time. Probably for the 2006 CES. :p

Thanks Jason.

If all else fails just get the paint mixed yourself at either a paint store or automotive painter? Then send Martin Logan the paint?

Off topic:

Have you ever heard of Brooks Berdan? I've known him for years!
Important colour issue


I think we shall demand and expect the quality control of ML to do a better job. If I want pink, I want pink. If they keep giving me to wrong colour for, I will keep asking until I get what I want. We cannot and shall not let this important issue slip away. Hee, hee, hee....... ;)

Yes, I have heard of Brooks Berdan. He was the guy who appeared in some Cardas ads a few years back playing with a VPI TNT, if I am correct. Of course, I can be wrong since I don't remember much these days.

Anyway, I have not met him, I don't think. I do know he is one of the few store left in California who still do turntable well.
Gilbert- Why Pink?

Are there any particular sonic attributes that characterizes the sound of a pair of CLS with Pink trims? Perhaps the Pink Panther comes to mind. How about some fluorescent combinations? Maybe polka dot stripes? Tangerine Red? All the same I will ask Gayle when I get the chance- ML may just have to christen the new option as the "Gilbert Special" and charge extra for a professional piano lacquer finish! BTW, how about reposting your system (I like to see the Statement E2s and yes of course, the CLS with pink trims too).
Must be Pink!


Did I hear you say" fluorescent combinations? Maybe polka dot stripes?Tangerine Red? All the same". I will tell ML there is a guy name Jason Liu in Toronto who they should not hire. Cause' he is colour blind. :p

And why pink? Just because they sound better with pink trim. :rolleyes:

BTW We have a pair of Ascent i in our room this CES playing right now. Once again, they have got the colour wrong. I asked for pink, they gave me red. At least this is closer than last year. :D
Yes Gilbert,

Please post your systems. I would really like to see your Statements.

Also if you have a chance could you post some pics of the BC and ML room? I (like others I am sure) would like to see some.

Alright Gilbert You Win- How About Pink Circle Audio?

Wait a second here- isn't there a Blue Circle Audio or am I color blind? You can have fluorescent anything as long as it glows. BTW, good luck on your CES set-up but I think if you had pink knobs on your amps (ouch!) or a pink chassis, maybe you can draw more attention to your equipment
. Somehow ML keeps getting it wrong with your demands- maybe there is a reason. Any thoughts?

I applaud you though for keeping the Martin Logan spirit fully alive and well in CES (pink trim or no pink trim). All the best to everyone in Vegas!
Ask and ye shall receive... live from CES 05 ! one pair of RED Ascent i's... along with the new Blue Circle BC202.. and despite Gilbert's griping that ML got the speaker colour wrong.. They look SWEEEET in Red ! :)


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Ok... well in a fit of BUFFET ! inspired madness.. we ran out and grabbed a can of paint.. and "modded" the Ascent i's last night... So THERE ! pair of PINK Ascent i's !! :D


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Questions for Mr. Sanders

I would be interested in what developments he is looking at with Electrostatics in general. Some of the most notable criticisms of logans are discontinuity of the slower bass woofers with the panels (and it is evident they are working on this with the Prodigy for example on how to integrate bass better). Glare-they can get "hard" with power, and "impact" similar to cones.

I state the above not as a slam. I love my ReQuests but I can see where advancements could improve these areas of criticism. Does Logan have active testing going on in "these" areas. I guess I just want perfection. efficiency and impact of JBL's, unimpeded dynamics and the electrostatic magic of transparency and imaging without constraints.

Would appreciate any comments on what they are doing in the lab?

Regards, Larry
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Thanks Steelhead! I will keep it in mind!

No problem- there will be a lot of questions definitely on the continual development of ML speakers to address any previous concerns over the hybrid design, new panels, etc.

I will keep all posted on any further developments but keep those questions coming in. I would like to hear any additional thoughts, opinions, comments etc. :)