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Jan 11, 2005
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Tampa, FL
Just curious who else is listening to Internet Radio, via their ML systems? Since implementing a Squeezebox for PC-Audio, I've just started exploring the myriad Internet Radio options out there. Amazingly good streams can be found (unfortunately streaming lower fidelity MP3's). Thus far, I particularly like Radioio Acoustic, Jazz, and Classical. I've also read that many BBC streams are excellent, but haven't had time to explore them yet. Anybody have particular faves they'd like to share?
I have a Roku which is like the Dqueezebox. I just listen to internet radio as background mostly. I either listen to jazz or classical. THis works via iTunes but you can use any internet station.

Jeff :cool:
For those of you not in the NYC area, I recommend the stream from, the Fordham University radio station. First of all, many of their DJs are the early FM free-form DJs who originated creative rock here in NY. Secondly, they cater to a very wide selection of musical tastes. Right now I'm listening (on my MD 106t, BTW) to a program of early jazz from the 20's, 30's and 40's. Also, late on Sunday nights there is a broadcast of very old-time radio shows - not the ones on XM. I've heard early Sinatra broadcasts from the '40's. I've also listened to many Orson Wells broadcasts from before and after "War of the Worlds." On the website, many of these are catalogued and can be accessed at any time.