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Jan 6, 2005
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Just found a CD recorded by a professor of mine (Mead Killion of Etymotic Research and Knowles prior to creating his own company) and threw it on for fun.

I've listened to the CD before - primarily for reasons other than listening to music as its got various demonstrations or simulations of hearing losses, otoacoustic emissions, and other things - and was completely amazed at the soundstage of the Steinway piano he plays in his rendition of "The Tartini Tone Blues." Enormous barely begins to describe it. I was surprised to hear echos coming from what sounded like outside my back wall!!! And this was recorded with wideband microphones used in the hearing aid which he invented.

Anyone else had this experience when listening to well recorded piano pieces? I'd like some recommendations if you have.

I am not aware of piano works of the type you described. However, i also experience what appears as sound emanating from well beyond the speaker positions. This effect varies with recording but it always seems to be there.

I'm not sure, but i believe that this expanded sound can be induced by playing with the phase from the speakers. It is usually more noticeable with headphones.

My first Carver preamp had a setting that caused the sound to "expand." I forgot what it was called but it certainly worked.
Are you sure it was recorded with his Hearing Aid mics?
Current SOTA mics only pick up from about 125Hz to 8kHz...and the aids he 'invented' (known as the K-amp if I recall) were not even close to that frequency range....

Is that the same CD with the simulated tinnitus?
Play that track all day long for some real auditory pleasure:D:eek: