Relaxin with The Miles Davis Quintet

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Feb 7, 2013
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Artist - Miles Davis Quintet
Title - Relaxin' With
Year of Release - 1956
Record Label - Prestige 7129
Genre - Jazz

Every minute of this album is good from start to finish. A nice intimate recording from beginning to end. Some real nice piano work in Oleo by Red Garland.

Two added bonuses, we hear a little studio chatter from Miles.

First, before the opening track starts we hear Miles say in his calm cool commanding voice (I am not able to verify if he is addressing Red Garland or Producer Bob Weinstock) " I'll play it and tell you what it is later".

At the beginning of track 2 before the song begins someone is hamming it up on the sax (I wonder who that would be?). At which point we hear Miles say in his calm cool commanding voice, "When you see the red light on everybody's supposed to be quiet".

I may invent a device whereby when my stereo is about to play a red light will come on and out of the speakers, loud, will come Miles's voice saying "When you see the red light on everybody's supposed to be quiet". That should shut everybody up, no?

ML Requests, new panels new woofers and lots of internal MIT caps, Cardas wiring etc, Krell KSA 250, Alchemist Tim Di Paravicini pre amp separate power supply, Huyuan CD player.


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Good stuff, indeed. It's wonderful how the really good stuff continues to get played. A lot of us have been listening to Miles for years. All of that series of Prestige recordings he did with Coltrane, Garland, Chambers and Jones are great: Miles, Cookin', Workin', Steamin' and of course Relaxin'. One of my personal favorites, besides the ever popular classic Kind of Blue, was his Columbia recording, In A Silent Way. Of course, with Miles the list of great albums is immense.

Great idea you have about inventing that device!
Hi slowGEEZR, nice to hear others are still appreciating musicians, playing musical instruments, without the aid of modern correction, voice fixing, and all the other high tech stuff that allows video entertainers to pass themselves off as musical acts.

If I can keep the cost of my device under a million dollars retail shall I put you down for one?