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Jan 20, 2005
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Could someone kindly direct me to a good forum to assist in the resolution of a CD player problem? I have a fairly humble system whose only "claim to fame" are my "original" Aerius. I recently purchased a seldom-used Philips CDI220/57 player for the price of a McDonald's meal as it has a CDM9/44 drive, and am very happy with the analogue output. I has one flaw though, which are audible "ticks", similar to the sound of small scratches on an LP, which occur ONLY in the right channel, randomly (never occur in the same place twice). I have done the appropriate channel and cable swapping and the "ticks" are always from the player's right channel output (it has no digital out). They occur perhaps up to a dozen times on about every CD-R and not as often on commercial CD's. I have tried "burning" using two different burners (CD burner and DVD burner) and at speeds from 8X to 40X. The CD-Rs play fine on any mid-fi player including Walkmans. I have also tried 3 different brands of CD-R blanks, in case of incompatibility.
I contacted the Philips USA Customer Support desk, who advised the problem is probably in the analogue section, as the drive mechanism and servos cannot distinguish left channel from right. The local Philips service depot has only recently opened and they do not have schematics or a service manual for this unit. They also indicated it would be costly to troubleshoot due to the randomness of the problem, so I hope to find someone with technical expertise who can narrow it down for me. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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