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Hi everyone, I'm a happy owner of a new pair of Martin Logan Mosaics and wanted to get a sub to go with them. There is a Descent sub on Audiogon selling used for $1100. This seems pretty cheap for what is an excellent sub. Is this a normal used price or is the person just trying to unload it fast. The old "if it is to good to be true it probably is" comes to mind. I have used ebay for the most part in the past but not Audiogon. How safe is it?
Thanks for any information. :)
Iv'e had excellent experience with audiogon but only dealing with people that have had good feedback over a period of time.
$1100 is the best price Iv'e ever seen for a Descent and I monitor Ebay and Audiogon so like you said its buyer beware if seller has no rep.
The seller has a postivie feedback of +3 so they are not brand new at least. They will only take a money order or similar as payment so I wouldn't even have the limited protection of Paypal for the transaction.
I have had zero problems trading on Audiogon.

I would be cautious of dealing with someone with a feedback score less than 12 points. You get 3 points for every positive transaction, so this person has 1 positive feedback.

That is a grate price for a first class subwoofer.
I didn't know that the +3 feedback was just from 1 item. I guess I'm used to ebay where +3 would be from 3 different transactions. All of the sellers items where taken down tonight though but 2 where sale pending. It looks like it was a scam. I hope nobody got taken. On a side note, what is a reasonable price to pay for a used Descent?
sprtfan said:
what is a reasonable price to pay for a used Descent?
If you go back to the main page and scroll down towards the bottom you will find product time line, our Webmaster TomDac has provided overviews of all of Martin Logan products with there spec's and there going prices in the used market.

Check it out.
For what its worth, I've made a few purchases on Audiogon for items which were fairly substantial in price, and the sellers had no problem supplying additional photos of the equipment or getting together on the phone to discuss the particulars.
Knowing what ML equipment goes for on the used market, the asking price for that Descent seems awfully low. If it was within driving distance, I'd take the trip with cash in hand, but would probably hesitate to persue any other purchase option on that item.

I've been following Audiogon and ebay daily for quite some time. Used Descents have been going for $1800 to $2000. Depths $1000 to $1300. I also saw the $1100 Descent for sale on Audiogon and wondered if it was scam.
I've had good luck so far on both Audiogon and Ebay. But I consider Ebay to be a higher risk than Audiogon. I always try to communicate with the seller before committing to a deal. Selling is a lower risk then buying since the seller typically receives the payment before shipping.

I just missed out on a used Descent on Audiogon for $1050. Looked like it was in excellent condition with the box and all. I was ready to make the 2 hour trip and go do a local cash transaction. But then I got the email reply saying it was already sold and then it showed up as sale pending. Oh well, at least I still have my $1050 and a tank of gas.

I did however recently pick up a pair of Scripts complete with brackets and the box for $800 on audiogon and was able to make it a 100 mile local purchase.

You can find good deals on Audiogon if you're patient and ready to act quickly when one pops up. I also usually pay the asking price if it's already a great deal and what I've been looking for. Otherwise, someone else will probably beat you to it.
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