anyone here true MLogan fanatics?

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Hey Mart...

Welcome from the land of "Maggie Fanatics" over at the Planar Asylum to our forum of "Logan Lovers". Stop by more often if you can, as I enjoy stopping by the Planar Asylum and reading your posts.

used to stop by every once in a while

I was just never a fan of this board format so I never bothered to register when you swapped over. I just thought this one merited a post. True Logan fanatics would be disappointed if they missed the opportunity due to my silence.

EG: I even know one Maggie fanatic who jumped at the opportunity to buy the single 2ft tall non-functioning dealer demo Maggie.
img src=""

^--- another example why I am no fan of this format. Plus I can't find the gist of a thread at a glance at the board. I stopped visiting Steve Hoffman's board because of it. It just feels awkward to me, but I know many who think this is the "real" board format.
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Let me see if just posting the link works...

Later on...yep, just type the www path and the link will show up. But posting images to the message...hmmm...attachment? Not real sure myself...Maybe Tom will jump in and help...

I don't know if I am a fan or not of the software, but when visiting often, you get used to it, just like any type of software. Hopefully the format will not keep you away as we would enjoy your input on Planar speakers, even though we are a bunch of Logan Lovers here :)
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hmmm, I'll try including <> tags

<img src="">

^--- looks like source code in Netscape
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Actually Tom went with a format that a lot of BIG boards use that have thousands of users.


Just to name a few :D

I was actually suprised that Tom converted over. :)
I didn't like this forum software at first.. Then I bought my M3 and was constantly at and the more I used it, the more I liked it.

The old site was so much work and this software makes everything so easy.

AND... I actually bid on one of those ML signs on Ebay.. Didn't win the auction though..:(
Like I said "many believe this is the REAL board format"

True or not, I spent tons of time with it, which also included various music group fan boards. Exposure hasn't made it any more accomodating ... but that's me. I inadvertantly repost previous threads because they're so hard to find in the archives, which is ironically what proponents of this format tout it prevents. Thus, it silences me into a lurker.
guess no one bid

it's ba-a-ck