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:confused: I am considering three amps for my ML Requests -Krell KSA-150 2 ch, -Bryston 4B SST ,-Musical Fidelity A308CR -if you have experience let me know? or other recomendations.

Krystof :D
I use Krell (ss) and Music Reference (tube)

The three amps you've listed are all good choices. My recommendation is to try each one. Each amp will sound a little different.

I use either a Krell or Music Reference amp for my ML Sequel IIs. Both sound great to my ears but each has a different sound.

I really like the Krell because I felt the Krell's signature (of strong, tight bass) was a good balance for the Sequel IIs.

However, the imaging and silky midrange Music Reference made a lot of my music sound incredible.

I would advise you to try to listen to the amps and buy the one that sounds right to you.


thanks for help :) , I would like to listen them before purchase, but the problem is ,I live in Canada and the sellers are in USA.
Alvin do you think Krell KSA150 will give me enough power to drive my ML Requests or I should look for somthink bigger , at the moment i use sunfire ultimate receiver 200x7 .My home theater (4x ML Requests, Theater, cables Audioquest Mont Blanc 36V) thinking for stero setup.