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ML Vista and ML Source for sale

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Jun 14, 2007
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Houston, Tx
Pair of ML Vista in Dark Cherry
Asking: $1999

I am the original owner of this pair of Martin Logan Vista Electrostatic speakers. They are a Dark Cherry finish and they were purchased new directly from Martin Logan. I have kept them in a windowless home theater that was smoke free and the panels were vacuumed religiously every 6 months. There are a couple minor nicks on the wood, but not noticeable unless you get real close. There is also a small part of the plastic on the bottom of one of the panels that got damaged when I accidentally hit it with a vacuum. It does not effect the sound at all and it is hard to notice unless you know where to look. Pictures of it are in the gallery.

The woofers were replaced about 2 years ago by Martin Logan as recommended at the time by Martin Logan Service. I have babied them and I am only letting them go because I am replacing them with a pair of ML Summit X. (Thanks to fellow MLO member James Panek!)

I have the original boxes and packing materials. All original accessories are also included: manual, spikes, power cords, and terminal jumpers.

I am willing to ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Shipping will most likely be freight to help keep cost down because of their size. Free local pickup is also available in the Houston, Texas area. Buyer will cover 3% PayPal fee if they choose to go that route.

Pair of ML Source in Dark Cherry
Asking: $989

I am the original owner of this pair of Martin Logan Source speakers. They have been lightly used in my smoke-free home theater since I bought them directly from Martin Logan and they are a Dark Cherry finish. They are in great shape except for some small damage on the rotating bases of each speaker. One has a small crack at the base and the other has a larger crack at the base. This is how they arrived brand new from Martin Logan, but I didn’t want to hassle with sending them back so I just kept them since you couldn’t really see it unless you went looking for it. This damage does not affect the performance or functionality of either speaker.

I have the original shipping boxes and all of the original accessories. I am willing to ship at buyers expense, but it will probably have to be freight to keep costs down. Free local pickup is available in the Houston, TX area.

Please feel free to ask me any questions! MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.


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May 29, 2020
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Hi, have these been sold?