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Jan 16, 2010
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Hello all,

I asked a similar question in another post but feel it was the wrong place. Ive been searching for a great amp or mono's for some time and doing much research. My end result due to many factors, mainly the room size has led me to choosing a higher end Integrated. I currently run a DK Ref MKIII Integrated and am looking for opinions based on Tube vs SS Integrateds with ML Spires. I have been interested in the LSA Statement and the Ayon Triton. Ive read many forums and have also traded many emails with other Audiophiles on the subject and many folks tell me that Logans want SS amps over Tube to get the full dynamics out of the ML and then many others say that this is not true and tube is way warmer. I listen to Vinyl, CD and Server equally and want that great balance. I already love my system sound and am looking for that next stage in sonic pleasure, so based on others experiences with Spires what are your opinions? ---P
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True, I just have not had the chance to hear an all tube integrated yet with Spires. I am a fan of tube guitar amps over SS amps though. Im leaning toward the tube amp. we shall see I guess. thanks