Vignette on a stick? Someone advise me

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I appeal to anyone who could post a picture along with the height of the ML Vignette on a stand. The ML site says a stand is available, BUT I CAN'T seem to be able to find it, no matter how many cups of coffee I drink to wake up my brain. I found the Fresco stand and know that height, But the Vignette, no clue.... I appeal to you.
Thank You !!!!!!!

There is only one floor stand (height: 85cm/33,46") available for Fresco and Vignette. Height with mounted Fresco is about 121 cm/47,64", so estimated height with Vignette is 114 cm/44,88"...

Regards, Per-Anders.
Thank You Cable Guy!!!!!!!!!!
I was unaware that the same stand that the Fresco used would be doing "double duty", and thanks for figuring out the correct height! Some days the mind just goes a little blank.