Vanatoo Transparent Zero, the BARGAIN of the audio world!

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Feb 28, 2016
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Newport, Maine USA
I purchased Vanatoo's Transparent Zero. I'm more than impressed, fabulous sound, incredible frequency response and TINY. I am comparing them to my Martin Logan Sequel 2s. Unfair? Yes, but the only things missing are the ability to fill a large room with LOUD music and the sound of DEEP bass for movie soundtracks, it’s there just not as deep and room shaking, however for classical music and Jazz more than adequate, excellent. The Vanatoo company is friendly and responsive, the Zero $359 sad $319 for B stock! These kick audio butt. Bluetooth, USB, TOSlink, analog inputs. Biamped (4 channel D2Audio Class-D amp, which puts out 48 watts to each driver), an 8th order 48dB/octave active crossover slope at a very low 2200Hz and an RJ50 interconnect wire with 24 gauge wire, the RJ50 is not sending data, but instead uses 6 conductors for the woofer and 4 for the tweeter on the non powered speaker. The plate on the powered speaker gets HOT, but they have not shut down playing for hours very loud music in my biggest room 28X28. I have also compared them to Monitor Audio Bronz 2 stand mounts, the Zero is better, much better.
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