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Jan 1, 2005
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Los Gatos, CA
The other day I spotted a VPI PLC on Audiogon for $165 and did a quick responsive buy. I thought it would be worth it to just to get the TT motor cable from dangling from the wall rack and make 45 to 33 rpm changes much easier. But, WOW! What a difference! Who would have though sending a square 60 Hz signal to a TT motor could make such a difference in the sound. The sound more musical and everything is in much better focus. I could almost swear I had a new, broken-in, cartridge in my system.

That is next week. A Shelter 501 will be replacing my Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood. Can't wait!

Just got done listening to Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams, Antony Braxton - Seven Standards 1985, Volume II, and The Best of The Animals. I have a huge smile on my face! :D
Beyound an Upgrade, A transformation!

My Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge has been replaced by a Shelter 501. It is has about 30 hours on it now. It is breaking-in beautifully. The Shelter has more detail, air, better bass, better tone, more dynamic (micro and marco), more fluid, quieter....... Everthing about my system has improved dramatically. Don't fool yourself, the front-end is so, so, so, so very important!!!