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Dear Rich,

So how does this story end?

Sorry guys, but due to a number of personal issues this story/project got put on hold. I won't bore you with too many details, but a series of unfortunate events and more pressing family matters have forced me to put this on hold and focus on other things for awhile. One of the problems was a ruptured cervical disk, which has made it impossible to do the physical work necessary to finish this project. I literally haven't even stepped foot in my media room in months.

This is incredibly frustrating for me, as I have thousands of dollars of speakers and amps just sitting unopened in their boxes waiting to be installed. I have a page-long list of to-do items to finish this project that I wrote up at the beginning of the year and I haven't been able to do even the first thing on the list. So that is where I'm at.

Luckily, the neck is slowly healing (discs take freaking forever to heal!). So I hope to get started back on this project within the next month or so. I'll update this thread when I have some progress to share. And when I finally get it done I'll post my system and a review of the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.
Welcome back Rich. Sorry to hear about your neck problem. Hope it gets better quickly. Take it easy, and don't rush to post your system; we would hate to have you strain yourself.
Well Tim,

We all know he can be a real SOB who takes no prisoners when he feels he's right.

And providing succinct narrative and defensible facts to support his position is what he has always done and hopefully, will continue to do in the future.

Exactly Gordon, he is the "Councilor" after all being a Lawyer in a prior phase of life. He's good at what he was trained to do.
Get well and better Rick! I do know the feeling. I lost two discs of my lower back. It takes time, and you have to take care. Regards my friend!
Disks can be a real long term healing process. Hope you will be back to normal soon.
I have a question for you Rich, in the first part of your post you mentioned that you have/had some Clarity speakers. I have a chance to purchase a set from my local dealer. They were demo units that have minimal time on them. What is your opinion of the Clarity? Can they be powered by a newer model receiver such as a Yamaha RX-A3030? Or would I need to get a seperate amp and use the pre outs on the Yamaha. The dealer also has the feature center speaker. Are these decent as well?
Thanks in advance for your input.
MikeJ, the Clarity's are decent, but leave a bit to be desired in the low end. I only used them for surround duties though, so can't give you an in-depth opinion. I think a receiver could power them fine. Don't know anything about the feature.

Thanks for the well wishes, guys. Hope to be able to get back in the swing and finish this project soon.
Rich....bummer. Sorry to hear this. Tim
Wow! Can't believe it's been a year since my last post! Sorry for the absence guys. I have been quite busy with other aspects of my life (read: 8-year old kid) and focusing on some other hobbies. My neck issues finally cleared up after many months, and I have gotten back into my weightlifting routine three days a week. So I am pain free, healthier, and stronger!

After putting my audio hobby on the back burner for many months, I am finally getting back to this project and finishing the upgrade of my media room. I have all the equipment installed. I still have a few more bass traps to hang. And I still have to run the Audyssey calibration program for the home theater. Other than that, I'm about done. I have my 2-Channel system hooked up and it sounds great. I'm still tweaking the position of the Summits and breaking in the DirectStream DAC, but as I said, it's all sounding pretty darn good hooked up to my CJ 17LS2 preamp and Premier 140 power amp.

I hope to get some pictures taken soon, and with any luck I'll get my system posted in time for my tenth anniversary as a member of this forum.
After a long absence, welcome back, Rich!

Glad the dark storm clouds regarding the health issues have cleared up.

Would be great if you could post some pics of your music system.

Have fun listening to music!
This has been one of the better threads I've read here in a long time, welcome back Rich! Looking forward to reading more!

Especially your sound treatments with the Summits in your room, you have me seriously looking at some nice CJ tube gear for mine. I dread the heat factor living in AZ even with a bitchin' A/C unit.
Well, I don't know about that, but think about how many of my cat's punches you've missed since you have been away.

Anyway, it's Barrett-Jackson live on Discovery, so I must go...
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