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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Titanic (THX / DTS-ES 6.1) "Special Collector's Edition"
Year of Release: 1997
Film Studio: Paramount / 20th Century Fox / Lightstorm Entertainment
Genre: Drama

This film won the best picture and best director 'Oscars' and a total of 11 'Oscars' in 1997. Not that's why I enjoy it so much..., I would have liked this picture no matter what... It has all of the elements I look for in a film, an interesting / compelling story, captivating / creative screen play and dialog, great acting with chemistry, wonderful direction, fantastic and trilling set design, cinematography and special effects - which really move me, that's pretty much all I need from a film. Titanic more than meets my expectations.

Kate Winslet, is absolutely stunning in her role, for Titanic... She is passionate and beautiful. Forget the fact, she is one of my all time favorite actresses, she has real chemistry with not only Leonardo Dicaprio, but everyone she (her character) is positively involved with in the film, from the 'Designer of Titanic' to the 'Third Class' people she comes into contact with. Winslet is the remarkable spark in this production... :D Leonardo Dicaprio was very good in his performance. He has chemistry and was more than adequate opposite Winslet. I thought, Billy Zane played a great despot, you just love to hate. Whereas, Bill Paxton's played his character wonderfully, as an interesting modern day explorer / treasure hunter in search of the 'Heart of the Ocean', a fabulously huge diamond.

James Cameron's direction was wonderful, technically creative and inspired for Titanic. Where Titanic differs from, and moves far beyond Cameron's previous films, Titanic is much more of a human story. Cameron wrote this story as a much more dramatic story with interactions and intricacies far beyond his other films. It may sound funny now, but I think Cameron did take a huge professional risk with Titanic. Fortunately, and to his credit and it paid off in a big way - successfully as we all know... James Cameron, having mastered the technically challenging special effects genre of films like; "The Terminator", "T2" and "Aliens". I could tell, he was heading for a film like Titanic, especially after he did the "Abyss" and "True Lies", he was just looking for the proper subject to write about... James Cameron, for the most part, always writes and directs his films, and Titanic is no exception. It's like writing the film, helps him to actually, make the film... Cameron, always totally immerses himself in his film projects, spending sixteen to eighteen hours a day on a film, from the beginning to completion of the production. It is his perfectionism and dedication, to his creative vision which is a hallmark of his excellent films. It all paid off with Titanic... :D

A word about this latest edition of Titanic, on DVD... Firstly, Titanic has never looked or sounded better, presented in, 'THX / DTS-ES 6.1', which is the current maximum, state-of-the-DVD-art (pre Blue-Ray anyway). Secondly, there are three DVD disc's in this 'Special Collector's Edition' box set. To fit all of the extra THX / DTS-ES 6.1, bites of disc information of this, 194 minute film, and the addition of pertinent, though excellent featurettes, on disc's 1 and 2 - required splitting the feature film up into two DVD disc's (which always reminds me of the old 'Laser Disc' format, of having to switch the disc's during the movie). The third DVD disc, is exclusively a bonus features disc, which includes 45 minutes of Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes - completely lovingly restored to film feature quality(sight and sound),and a host of other fantastic DVD featurettes on the making of this great classic film.

I thoroughly enjoyed Titanic on DVD. My Martin Logan, HT was singing from beginning to the end. I loved all of the bonus material and special featurettes in this marvelous DVD set.

I highly recommend Titanic, as a great American film classic, and one of James Cameron's best works to date. I only wish he would get back into the 'Writing / Directing' business again, with another great film. The good thing is, I hear he is working on another project as we speak, currently entitled: "Battle Angle". You can read all about it on this web link:


:D HT relaxed, comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on...




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