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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: The English Patient (DTS-ES) “Miramax Collector’s Edition”
Year of Release: 1996
Film Studio: Miramax
Genre: Drama

I film of obsessive love, passion and adventure, The English Patient is that rare film, which transcends any traditional film by depicting true depth through love and loss. Based on the novel by Michael Ondaatje. Anthony Minghella’s screenplay is just marvelous. I just love films, which have double love stories especially, with two individual stories, which intersect so beautifully. The first love story between a Hungarian mapmaker employed by the Royal Geographical Society to chart vast expanses of the Sahara Desert, Count Almasy (Ralph Fiennes) in the company of several other prominent explores. As WWII unfolds, Almasy meets Katherine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas) the wife of an English undercover intelligence officer (Colin Firth). Love, betrayal, and politics ensue, which is remarkably revealed so well in Almasy’s flashbacks, while on his deathbed after being horribly burned in an airplane.
The director Anthony Minghella’s film tells its story so well, I found myself totally immersed in this beautifully filmed motion picture. The imagery between the lovers Almasy and Katherine is real and superbly acted by Fiennes and Thomas. There is real chemistry between the principal actors on my silver (plasma) screen. Fiennes can play “tortured love” so very well. Fiennes is simply amazing. Thomas literally burns up the screen during her passionate love scenes with Fiennes. My favorite scene is during the English Christmas party where Katherine faints having too much sun / sick. Then has torrid, quick sex with Almasy in an out of the way office against a wall.

The second love story occurs later and between flashbacks with Hanna (Juliet Binoche) a nurse who tends the burnt-to-a-crisp Almasy, and a Sikh demolitions expert named Kip (Naveen Andrews). Again with the chemistry as Binoche and Andrews lift up the plasma screen. My favorite scene with them occurs when Kip takes Hanna to an old French church it view the beautiful frescoes. She is suspended on a rope with a flare to illuminate her surprise at all of beauty with in the old church. :D

The English Patient won nine Academy Awards in 1996, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Binoche) and Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Music and much more. I have been trying to think of a comparable film and I cannot this film is totally unique and wonderfully special. An all star cast really helps deliver a great film: Ralph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Juliet Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Colin Firth, Peter Jargen, Naveen Andrews.

The make-up for Ralph Fiennes to wear during his scenes as a dying burn patient must have been very challenging to act with in or behind all the make-up. I enjoyed the WWII scenes, which Binoche travels through before stopping at the old abandon French villa with the English patient. It strikes me as very realistic and historically accurate. All of the many locations in which this film was shot were so beautiful and appropriate to this period film. The cinematography really is very high quality, with beautiful panoramas and gorgeous locations for excellent vistas even at night was quite amazing. I was taken in and loved every minute of this great film. :D

The vastly improved sound DTS-ES is great and makes a real difference with this DVD film for the small screen. I am planning to own this film on Blue-Ray if and when but until I do this version will suffice very nicely. The motion picture soundtrack is just breath taking and it helps to have DTS-ES driving it along the way in fine style. This two disc - DVD “Miramax Collector’s Edition” package is literally filled to bursting with excellent “Bonus” features, which is outstanding as well as very interesting, including a look at the real life Count Almasy documentary featurette.

I think I can give this film my highest recommendation. It is definitely a must for every DVD library… :D

:D HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on…