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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Neil Young - Heart of Gold (DTS)
Year of Release: 2005
Film Studio: Paramount Home Video
Genre: Documentary Music

Well, I just had the most wonderful time last night watching Jonathan Demme's wonderful live concert fim, "Neil Young - Heart of Gold". The film was shot over a two-night performance by Neil Yound and his friends (I'll talk more about them later) at Nachville's Ryman Auditorium, otherwise known as 'The Grand Old Opery'.

Neil Young had just come out with a new CD, "Prairie Wind", which I plan to review soon. The concert is most of the songs from that CD but much more, as the title of the film suggests. Neil Young recently had a brain anerizim diagnosted, which required some serious treatment and his father had recently passed away so this concert had real meaning for Mr. Young. You can see it on his face. I could tell from watching the film that every song was going to be his impassioned gift to us all and I think I was correct in that assessment. In this documentary Neil Young gives every once of musical feeling and energy to each song he sings, which is so exciting to exspirience. While I was watching this legendary singer / song writer perform, I got the distincted impression Mr. Young was giving a performance of a life time. I have always admired Neil Young and musicians like Bob Dylan, which have the ability to play the guitar while singing or playing the harmonica. Neil Young is just so natually good at being like a 'One-Man Band', when he sings and plays the harmonica. I was thrilled in watching this many talented musician entertain us all from his heart. :D

Jonathan Demme's direction and production is wonderfully filmed. The lighting is marvelous. The camara angels are just right. Mr. Demme just instinctively knows just how to edit and cut for fantastic effect in this awesome documentary. The DTS sound was amazing. Natually, I had this documentary cranked-up to better simulate a live event. Boy, did my system not fail to impress... My logans were a jumpin'... :D

Emmylow Harris and Pati Young (Neil's wife) were beautiful and phemonimal as back-up singers hammonizing perfectly with Neil Young. The regular band members are older yet just as wondeful and into each note as Neil Young. The band memebers included Grant Boatwight, Larry Cragg Tony Crawford, Chad Cromwell, Diana DeWitt, Karl T. Himmel, Wayne Jackson, Tom McGinley and Ben Keith to name a few. Everyone was just brilliant, really.

My favorite songs were the song deticated to his daughter "Here for You". I loved the songs inspired by his father, "Prairie Wind", "When God Made Me" and "No Wonder". The classics were like re-living my wild youth, "Heart of Gold", "Old Man" and "The Needle and the Damage Done".

The bonus features extra disc was really well done and a lot of fun as well, with many featurettes about Neil Young and the band. On the main documentary DVD, their is another song performed from the Prairie Wind CD called for Elvis called "He Was the King", which was a lot of fun as well.

As you can tell this documentary - musical concert will entertain and bring you into the beautiful musical life of the great Neil Young. IMHO, this is a concert film everyone should have in their DVD library. I highly recommend it. :D

:D HT relaxed comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on...


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