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Jan 3, 2005
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Research Triangle, NC
While I'm sure the intent is to cover movies rather than just live concert recordings here, I just have to put a vote in for The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over on DTS DVD.

Artist: The Eagles
Title: Hell Freezes Over (DTS)
Studio: Image Entertainment
Year of Release (DVD): February 1999
Encoding: Region 1
Audio: DTS 5.1, PCM stereo
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Genre: Pop/Rock Concert Recording

This is a live recording of The Eagles Hell Freezes Over tour from April of 1994. Listen to it in DTS surround to make the experience stand out; even the DTS logo roll at the beginning is pretty awesome. The PCM version is a pale shadow by comparison.

The DVD opens with a brief interview/documentary about how the tour came to happen. Members had previously stated that they would get back together "...when hell freezes over...", thus, the title to the album and DVD. Recorded soundstage is excellent, with wide perceptual separation of the acoustic guitars as the band opens with an "unplugged" version of Hotel California. Your apparent position is stage-center, first row. Audience sounds are to your sides and back, with the band spread center in front of you. I watch this on a small tube TV; it would be outstanding on a big screen or projection system.

The band plays many of their classic hits, along with some (then) new tunes and various band members' singles. In particular, chap 15, New York Minute stands out, with orchestral accompaniment. Chap 18, Life In The Fast Lane has Henley back on drums and lead vocals. After the slower-paced songs, the band kicks this one.

Like Phil Collins, Don Henley is/was a drummer at heart, so the drums are miked as musical instruments like in a jazz recording, rather than as "things that go thump" typical of most pop/rock.

The DVD closes with an extra DTS audio-only version of Seven Bridges Road. DVD run time is 99 minutes.

I've been to live concerts for other "old" bands like CSN over the years. Reunion tours can be hit or miss. The Eagles just flat out nail it here.

This is easily the best-recorded concert DVD I've ever heard. The closest to it in my experience, although a different genre, would be "Portishead - Roseland New York", another excellent DVD.


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Couldn't agree more about the Eagles Concert DVD. The best concert sound stage I've ever experienced!
on the Aeruis I's

Im not even a fan of the Eagles and i would have to agree..this is prolly one of the BEST dvds ive EVER heard to date hands DOWN. but i would say that Vangelis' 'Mythodea' comes in as a not so close 2nd. This dvd is a MUST have for ANYONE who appreciates audio quality.
This DVD goes with me on every flight, every week. If it is a long flight and I don't like the movie being shown, I always have this to fall back on. This DVD has given me countless hours of listening/viewing pleasure. And I am and always have been an Eagles fan. Saw them in concert more than once back in the late 70s!


Nice review there Steve!
I'm wondering... how does one appreciate a concert dvd if the soundstage heard isnt the same as the soundstage on screen (assuming the camera changes angles and view shots a lot?

Just an honest guestion.

BTW, I have the Eagles CD (not dvd) and it is one of my staple demo cds. Great audio!
Joey_V said:
I'm wondering... how does one appreciate a concert dvd if the soundstage heard isnt the same as the soundstage on screen (assuming the camera changes angles and view shots a lot?

Just an honest guestion.

BTW, I have the Eagles CD (not dvd) and it is one of my staple demo cds. Great audio!

The visual angle doesn't move around alot in this, other than closeups and the occassional down-the-neck guitar shot. It's kind of like having binoculars at a live show - your visual perspective changes, but the music and room acoustics are pretty independent of what you're watching. It doesn't really distract from the experience. If you have the CD, you really ought to get the DVD if you have a DTS-capable home theater - it's amazingly well-mastered.
i agree fantastic, but i think roger waters In The Flesh just pips it for musicality, and the fact the doyle bramhall iii does a superb guitar solo on comfortably numb. :D
This DVD is one of my favorites for demonstrating the capabilities of my entire system. A must have in your collection.

Yeah, I completely agree with all the above comments--this is the one DVD that I almost ALWAYS pull out when I'm demo-ing my rig to friends. The sound is simply amazing, even for a DVD. I wish they'd release this one on BluRay--imagine how the sound would be then...

I've just fired this DVD up on my rig in the new house. I've got the 5-channel rig mostly dialed in, and this DVD is helping me put the final touches on speaker placement and adjusting the levels correctly. The only trouble is, it's SOOO engaging, I'm finding myself wanting to just sit on the couch and listen--it already sounds so good that I'm not too motivated to get up and tinker with my equipment. I guess I got it pretty close to correct this time. :banana:

I HATE moving, but I've done it so many times in the last 10 years that I'm developing a real talent for guestimating how my system needs to be set up in a new room to sound correct, just by looking, measuring, and listening to the new room when it's empty. It's amazing what a few hand-claps in an empty room can tell you abou tthe room's acoustics...
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A little late in posting but I too have this, use it for tweaking system and when Tim rests his hand on his guitar you hear a smal thump...Amazing DVD!!
Total newbie here in every sense of the word, but saw you mention the Eagles and was interested. I have thier greatest hits album (eagle skull on the cover) and love every song on it. Just bought motion 4 Logans and can't say enough great things about what they produce. I was going through music and came across my Eagles CD and gave it a whirl. WOW!!! The guitars on it are amazing. So, I can only imagine how cool this DVD must sound on a set of Martin Logans. I am more of a Bluray guy though, so hoping by now it is out there. Thanks for the great review and information. I may make it my demo disc in the future.
It is a great show all around. Well mixed on the DTS 5.1 surround. I'd love to hear it on Blu-Ray with a lossless DTS HD-MA audio.
I have the CD but not the DVD. I do have the Eagles Farewell Live from Melbourne. Great list of songs on it. Being the only concert DVD I own, I'm curious how it compares to Hell Freezes Over if anyone has both?