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Rehan Azim Hashmi

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Member name: Azim

Location : Karachi

ML Model : CLS 1 Version 2

Year Purchase : 1995

Mods / Changes : New feet and CLX power cable.

Associated electronics: Denon PMA-1510AE integrated amplifier.
Marantz CD5004 CD player.
2 Stabimatic 1500 watt voltage stabilizers.

Comments and / or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

I was immensely impressed by the modern artistic design of the CLS when i first saw them.
Acoustics were very good with the medium high end Sony separates.
Considering the huge expense incurred for the CLS, i am very happy
they have lasted so long and still provide quality acoustics.

Some images of the system and music room below:



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Really nice setup. I like how you have a completely dedicated listening room. This is really ideal as placement of electrostats are really crucial to optimizes the sound. Looks like you have this really covered well. I can see that you moved them off the back wall a few feet. I think having ML's too close to the back wall is one of the most common mistakes people make with their setups. Simple design, but very neat and elegant. I take it you listen to CD's only. You may want to look into getting some vinyl. I find that it's a very "different" sound but sounds very nice on electrostats. I actually own a few albums on both CD and Vinyl and they do sound quite different. Also, I think the next step you may want to do is some sound treatments. You have bear floors and walls (which appear to be cement). That is going to give you some very heavy reflections that could make the sound too "bright". Maybe start with some heavy carpets and then some wall treatments. My home theater room has hard wood floors and sheet rock walls, and even like that it greatly benefited from significant sound treatments. Once again, congrats on the awesome setup! Best wishes.
Hello invenio!
Many thanks for your response. And many many thanks for your very kind and thoughtful words
and suggestions.
After more than sixteen years of placing the CLS left, right, backwards and forwards i finally
discovered through trial and error the precise ideal location which make my CLS shine or sing
at their best.
Your statement is correct that i listen to CD's only. However, during the 1980's and since the
day i was born i have been listening to music first on vinyl then through tape. Many thanks for
your useful idea of exploring vinyl since it sounds different and actually very good with
I have intentionally kept the listening room without carpet, curtains and no furniture more than
basic. In this room the tone of the acoustics is between neutral and bright. The acoustics
are not bright and never very bright. However, few CD's do sound bright. For
bright sounding CD's i decrease the treble tone control on my amplifier. Subjectively speaking
rooms that are made of brick and mortar have good acoustics when
empty or near empty. When i snap my fingers or clap my hands their is an extension of
sound. This extension in sound lasts for 2 seconds.
These days i am listening to Best of Jon and Vangelis, Pilgrim by Eric Clapton and Depeche Mode
The Singles 81 to 85. I recommend specially for you Depeche Mode The Singles 81 to 85.
This CD i have is not a SACD yet it sounds super or brilliant. I love the way this CD makes my Logan's shine.

Very Happy Listening my friend!
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i would experiment with moving them closer to each other and giving them a little more room to breathe.. They look to be very close to the side walls. You may find the soundstage more focused as well.
Get them out from the side walls, as Tom has said. Straiten them up with less toe in and MOST importantly If you really want them to shine get them on stands. Preferably rear braced ones to stop the panel sway and keep them vertical 90* is a must and will blow you away . They really love to be bullied with current ! Big amps will make them tame ...and sing
Mr. TomDac and C.A.P many thanks for your response. And many many thanks for suggestions
to improve the acoustics in the room.

Over the years i have positioned the CLS close together and away from the side walls.
I have also experimented with positioning them as far apart as possible in the room
and concurrently keeping a foot away from each side wall. In both cases they were
placed more than 3 feet away from the wall behind the CLS.

Close together and away from side walls with room to breathe was best when the CLS were
new and my Sony was new and had a strong power amp section. This position requires
a lot of strength from the amplifier.

My CLS are, keeping in mind the first owner who used them for 3-5 years, more than 20 years
old. Keeping in mind their age, I have experimented with the CLS far apart and i foot from
the side wall and they sound much better this way.

Effect of the distance from the wall behind the CLS operates in cycles once a threshold of 3 to 4
feet has been achieved. Bass increases and decrease and sound imrpoves and deteriorates.
Impact of movement away from the wall behind the CLS is independent of impact of positioning close
together or far apart.

I know straightening them up makes them sound their best ,especially when the listener is seated.
I have straightened the CLS up, maximum allowed by the rear feet.

Less toe in makes the CLS sound brighter. However my room is intentionally spartan to
keep the brightness. And furthermore with less toe in and small distance of the CLS from
the listener i do not get the full impact of the sound. Furthermore it was pure serendipity
that,as seen in the image, toe-in made the CLS sound its best.

As far as big amps will make the CLS really sing, i have the resources but do not have
the permission of my parents to spend large or small on an amplifier. I already
have a amplifier which in my opinion is pretty decent. We just had the interior
and exterior of our house repaired, painted and all the wood fittings varnished. The
work began on March 10th and after three months is now nearly complete.
I say nearly because a garage used as a storage room still needs to be repaired
and painted. All this was a considerable expense. I think i have the permission to simply
appreciate without acquiring the finer things in life, for example all things artistic
even though they may be expensive.

Once again, thanks very much for the investment of time and effort to provide
valuable suggestions or insights to improve the CLS acoustics.
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Many many thanks Mr. TomDac and C.A.P. for providing your insights into obtaining
improved sound from the CLS.

You can see in the two pictures above that i have tried to follow all suggestions
except getting stands or a very powerful amplification electronics.

I am very happy to announce that there has been a significant improvement
in overall CLS acoustics. Thanks for your help.
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Member name:

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Martin Logan Model:
Motion 15.

Date of Purchase:
April 10th, 2013.

Using recently repaired sony F808ES integrated amplifier in the capacity of preamplifier.

Associated Electronics:
Marantz CD6004 audio player.
Once repaired Denon PMA-1510ae integrated amplifier in power amplifier mode.

Comments about my Martin Logan Motion 15 experience:

Title : Martin Logan signature sound from Motion 15:

If the audio CD is well-recorded and possesses a good dynamic range, then Motion 15 loudspeakers reward the listener with amazing sound. These loudspeakers have been designed for listening and no doubt are audiophile speakers.

However, a note of caution, each hardware item of the audio system contributes to overall high performance of Motion 15.

For instance, having purchased Motion 15 i upgraded from CD5004 to CD6004. Using the CD6004 I noticed a definite improvement in loudspeaker acoustics. CD5004 played considerably more flat and transparent than CD6004. Playing the CD5004 Orchestral and Jazz music sounded spectacular. However through Motion 15 not CLS, Rock and Pop music was not so superb and reproduction of female and male voices not so prominent. CD6004 rewarded me by providing dynamic and balanced acoustics and far better than CD5004 reproduction of female and male voices.

I tried different power cables for integrated amp 1510ae and audio player CD6004.

For CLS to perform best i know from experience that all cable connections must be tight. I feel that the Motion 15 is no exception to this rule.

Lastly, selecting loudspeaker stands and size of room in which to place Motion 15 along with very important adjustments to Motion 15 location within the room, must be properly finalized if the target of thrilling sound from these loudspeakers is desired.

Sound attributes:
From my audio system I sometimes hear when playing previously unheard CD brief instances of very realistic reproduction of music that is slightly unnerving. Since Motion 15 has high sensitivity it plays very dynamically and without distortion at 1/3 amp volume. Motion 15 delivers non-fatiguing and high resolution music reproduction. At 1/3 volume the decibel level of music in my small room is on the high side. And it seems to me that the loudspeaker is reaching its drive limit. Though the Motion 15 is a bass reflex design the bass to me sounds as if it is emanating from a sealed box design that has a lower frequency limit of under 40 Hz.

Motion 15 loudspeakers make my days in Karachi very enjoyable.


Martin Logan Motion 15 002.jpgMartin Logan Motion 15 004.jpg
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