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System #11 (CLS)

1. Member Name: Brian, AKA LyleFan

2. Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

3. ML Model(s): CLS

4. Year Purchased: 2005

5. Mods/Changes: CLSIIz Panels, DIY stands, and tinted plexi-glass covers on power supplies. CLSes and subwoofers are crossed over at 80hz throught the built in crossover in the preamp.

6. Associated Electronics:

Amplifier - Innersound ESL 300
Preamp - Anthem TLP-1
Tuner - Anthem TLP-1
CD/DVD - Pioneer Elite DV47AI Universal Player
Power Conditioner - Panamax 4100

7. Subwoofer:

Dual Onix Rocket UFW-10

8. Cables:

Speaker - Wireworld Polaris 5 w/ spades:
Interconnects - Wireworld Oasis 5 (subwoofers); Wireworld Equinox 3++ (preamp/amp); Wireworld Equinox 5 (CD/preamp)
Power Cables - Wireworld Electra 5 (CLS power supplies)

9. Rack: VTI

10. Room Size: 11W x 11L x 9H

11. Musical Preferences: Jazz, Vocal, Folk

I have always loved both the looks and sound of Martin Logan Speakers since I first saw them at Audio Perfection in Minneapolis in the early 1990's. I ended up purchasing a pair of Magnepan 1.5's as they were as close to the sound of the Martin Logans as I could get on my limited budget. Years later ended up getting a great deal on a pair of Aerius i's, which I later sold when I was able to purchase a pair of Aeon i's at a good price. Due to the limited space of the rooms where I always ended up placing my audio systems, I have tried unsuccessfully several times to get away from Martin Logans and purchase "box" speakers (I even made several attempts at buying Magnepan 1.6's and owned a pair of MMG's). However, when I have compared them directly to my Martin Logan's, I just could not get myself to purchase anything else as the Martin Logan's just do so much right for the type of sound and music that I love. I recently ended up purchasing a pair of original CLSes which IMO sound great.


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Another Picture

Side view of system.


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Yet another picture...

Front Right Speaker with sub in corner.


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Lylefan looks great !!!!!!! Which do you prefer, the Aeon's or the CLS ??
Thanks Wayne. I personally prefer the CLS to the Aeon i in my room with my musical tastes. The CLS is really a great speaker, but much more picky about placement/tilt/toe-in than my Aeon i's or Aerius i's.