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Mar 10, 2005
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I've just moved house and now realize that I've had a built-in stand for the past four years. I have a pretty old Cinema that did not come with any sort of mounting bracket as I understand new Cinema i's and Theaters may have.

What are others using for a stand? I used to have it on a very deep shelf behind the screen, but now I have the space to put it on the floor and not have to use the microperf treble booster.
The Logos, Theater, Theater i and Cinema i all come with a stand from the factory, the Cinema center channel is the only center that you had to buy a stand separately, that is now standard on the I version.

Once upon a time the stand went for $200 from martin Logan, I am sure you could call them and order one up if you wanted.

As an alterative I found that rubber doorstops worked well, there cheep, and come in many sizes from 1”to 6”. The wedge shape worked grate, one under each base box to point the Cinema at the listener.
Cinema Stand

I bought a second hand Cinema without a stand in April-May of 2004. Over that summer I purchased a stand directly from Martin Logan for $200.

I originally ordered my stand through a local ML dealer at a slight discount $180, however, the dealer had credit issues with ML and could not get any new product until they made a significant payment. I discovered this after talking to one of the principal owners filling in for the regular sales guy after almost of month of waiting (nice eh?) and not worth the $20 discount.

I have also seen, once in a blue moon, a stand for sale on audiogon. You can post a wanted ad if you like, but I would not hold your breath.

My advice is to go directly to ML. They have great customer support.

By the way if you have an older cinema with the foam rubber matting on the bottom, all that junk needs to be removed before you can use the stand. It was a major pain in my buttocks to get the surface somewhat clean. From the bottom view my speaker does not look so good (adhesive discolorations and some leftover adhesive that I bet I couldn't get off without a power sander). Although the stand when assembled does cover most of that up.
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Thanks - I contacted an ML authorized reseller and they said they didn't carry them any more that it would be around $400. I might be better served by buying a used one with a bracket for that price.