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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Ever since we designated, one of our former bedrooms, for our "Home Theater", I've been having a blast with the project. The HT room is pretty small though, 10.5' x 11.5' x 7'. Since, the HT room is in the center of the house, surrounded by other bedrooms, I've insulated / sound-proofed the room with 3" rigid foam insulation, then covered that with 1" soundboard on the walls. I even, installed 3" foam soundproofing, on the inside, of the HT room door. The problem, I was having, was that all of my HT equipment (especially, the Plasma HDTV and the A/V receiver) plus people, was causing the room to over heat. By the end of a two-hour movie, the HT room had become a HT - "sweat box". So, before the summer began, I just recently had to purchse, an in-room, 9000 BTU, air-conditioner, other wise it would have been simply unbearable. I was wondering has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you solve it differently? How?
I've built mine in the basement where it's cool in the summer and warm and tosty in the winter :D I also made sure that there was more than enough return air volume and just enough forced air into the room. It did get hot once but there were 18+ people in the room :eek:

Try and see if you can add some ducting to vent out the hot air.
I will try venting the HT room more. The more air flow the better, especially for all of my expensive equipment. I want it to last a while.
Thanks, EricE