Should I start charging admission to my HT...

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
I'm serious... My HT is in almost constant use 24/7. I watch or listen to music when I get home from work, on weekends and holidays. My son, who works the Noc shift, on his nights off watches movies till dawn. Additionally, after his regular work shift my son, will then watch a movie or two, before he goes to bed. He has his own TV and stereo etc., but he loves to have the HT experiance too.

I had a thread posted previously, "For Max sound - Never turn off your amplifier..." Well, currently my system, is never turned off, it's always entertaining / playing... Between movies, we just clean up the popcorn and soda cans and then let the next group file in... :eek:

Let's see..., :rolleyes: current movie ticket admission prices, in the north bay, of San Fansico are, $7.50 (USD)/person, for a matinette, and $10.00 (USD)/person, for a movie at night. At that rate, if I charged admission, to see a movie on my system, I might be able to save-up for the ML, "Statement E2's", currently on Ebay for $40,000.00(USD), in no time at all... I would be able to purchasing them, in cash, in about a year..., given how much my system is in almost constant use. ;)

Well, what do you all think?


That poor plasma

I think you should.:) That plasma wont last that long with that kind of usage.