Shine some lights through those bad boys.

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Apr 14, 2005
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I often see photos of the logans in a room and they typically look like dark tall sculptures. Just adding a small can light behind them can really "open them up" so your buddies etc can then see how cool it is to be able to see through the speakers.

Cheap mod. Very effective. Nice look through the speakers. You can put the can lights on an X10 dimmer or something and fade them to your liking etc.


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Nice Touch Webinattor !!!!!!!
You are so right... show off what is so different compared to conventional speakers. It will only add to the "this is the speaker?, music comes out of these"? I am one who believes your system can add to your rooms decor, if you do it right... BUT if you want to put a pair of Statements in my listening room I'll live with the overkill !!!!!!!!
Indirect light looks great

I've actually have black cannister lights that look just like yours behind my SL3s (and they were behind my Vandersteen 2Ce's prior to my MLs). I've had them behind my speakers since 1995 or 96.
Nice touch Webinattor.

Other rhan a few high-end people that know about audio equipment most people I show the system to a baffled at the look of logans.... :eek: "The sound come out of where :confused: "
yep, i have a pair of lights, one behind each CLS, and i really helps make them disappear visually as much as they disappear audibly.
We still have a string of little white Christmas lights wraped around the handrail/ballesters of our staircase. I've kept them up because I like the ambient light while listening.

I'm going to move the lights to the wall behind the speakers.

Great idea, I used to do back-lighting with my old box speakers (Audio Lab) many years ago. Hey a single guy needs all the help he can get to create the right mood - married for 14 years, where does the time go? :)
Nice look, very soft.
I had the same idea and I really love it. ( picture to be coming soon , need first to remove my son soccer kicker, looks uggly)
The quality of light set is very important. It let us feel cooler and cooler and cooler........ What a mood !!

It often remain some cheap enhancement which worth our enjoyement. Continue to share it with us!

Dimmers can really degrade the sound by adding huge amounts of noise to the AC. I would only use them if I could be assured of a separate line. Also, you are very lucky to have spare outlets available! AC space is at a premium around my setup.
This is a digital picture on a night setting that I've never gotten the hang of - sorry about the lack of quality. It's a picture of my perforated metal and plywood acoustically tuned wall. The Christmas lights are hung on the perforated metal with small "S" hooks looping through the holes.

What you don't see is the incredible beauty I've accidentally created. There is a weird circle affect caused by the lights, which vary in their distance, proximity angle and orientation to the wall. The metal surface is offset from the wood inner surface by 1-1/2 inches. There are shadows or projected images of different circle sizes everywhere.

It's surreal, I'm taking more shots with the old manual analogue camera soon, stay tuned.:)


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Wall of latest invention.


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More pictures of the wall of light.........and sound. :)

Once again let me say that the glow of the bulbs has an almost spiritual affect when coupled with the dynamics of the circular patterns.

Photos do not do it justice, if you are ever in Michigan send me a PM and I might show you in person. :)


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This reminds me of an old girlfriend's roommate, who was a design student. She had a pair of yellow/blue car jumper cables tied in an open overhand knot and hung on the wall, with white lights similar to this wrapped around them. It sounds hideous, and isn't something I'd even think to try, but it actually looked quite good in an "art" sort of way.
Something new to consider...


What an intersting concept, lightng behind Logans. I'll have to give this a try... Can lighting seems like a good idea. :D



Those are some pretty cool lights.. reminds me of the Cathode lights in my computer. However, the prices are waaaay high - cathodes for PC (which is what they use) are like $10 for a pair with power supply. The only problem is finding an AC adaptor to hook it up to an outlet.

I'll look more into this. :)
True they are not for the cheap tweakers out there, but what you will get is easy of install and flexibility of use. Take the Cyron system for example, you can change the color of the LED's on the fly to match your decor or mood, or have them randomly change colors if you wish. Having a party? The Cyron system can be set to pulse to the beast of your music.

Hard wiring a cold cathode may be a cheap way to accomplish the same glowing look, but for those that don’t want to go threw the hassle, here is an option for you.
I wonder if they have a 60 cycle hertz hum like flourscent lights that add noise to the power supply lines?

Even a knock-down transformer (for neon and the like) is going to add noise to the house lines.
I have Lava Lights behind mine that turn on when the speakers do....

Something relaxing about looking at them....
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