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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Se7en (DTS-ES 6.1) "New Line Platinum Series"
Year of Release: 1995
Film Studio: New Line Cinema
Genre: Thriller / Suspense / Crime / Drama

Andrew Kevin Walker, wrote a very unusual film. Not a horror flick. Not really an action flick either. 'Se7en', is a really fascinating, psychological, suspense, thriller set in a 'crime-story' drama. 'Se7en', refers to a serial killer, 'John Doe,' killing various people based on the christian, catholic - 'seven deadly sins':


The story is set in a crime ridden, run down section of a big city. 'Se7en' is a dark film, although a very interesting crime film. Director, David Fincher chooses not to show all of the gory details of the heinous crimes or the bloody victims, which I found very refreshing. 'Se7en', is a gloomy enough film, without being gross besides. Fincher takes the high road, and shows us potentially bloody scenes through reference or suggestion, expecting the audience to be smart enough to understand and think. He does a fine directing job on this film. Fincher, also chose his actors very well...

Morgan Freeman, plays the brilliant, about to retire - detective, 'Sumerset'. Freeman does an excellent job of portraying the very intelligent, yet troubled and vastly more experienced detective. Sumerset's trip to the big city library, brings this film a refinement and an elevated quality, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sumerset does this through, late night research of classical literary references, to Dante's - 'Inferno', 'Purgatorio', and 'Paradiso', Chaucer's - 'The Canterbury Tales', made 'Se7en's', story so much more interesting for me. Drawing me into the story of this psychological, crime-thriller...

Gwyneth Paltrow, is simply wonderful as, 'Tracy' the guileless, loving wife to 'Mills' (Brad Pitt's character), worried about their life in the evil city. She has depth and a sweetness that was glorious to watch. Gwyneth Paltrow, is truly one of our great american actresses.

During the making of 'Se7en', Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt were an item. In 'Se7en',they show real love for each other, and it shows up on the 'silver screen', as well as on my plasma screen... The chemistry they have is great. Brad Pitt gives an intense performance as 'Mills', the easily angered and at times, foolishly reckless, young Turk cop, who's 'no-non-since' style can be problematic. Mills is a new detective, wanting to clean-up the mean streets of the big bad city. His angry 'hot-head' displays, gives us the impression, he needs to win all his battles and lock-up all of the bad guys himself. He gives an outstandingly convincing performance.

Kevin Spacy, was fantastic as 'John Doe'. His intelligent portrayal was very convincing. He played, 'psycho crazy' superbly. His performance although brief (almost a cameo), in my estimation, but very well done indeed... As John Doe states, "They will be study this case for years." Well 'Se7en' always seems to do that for me, gets me thinking, long after the movie has ended... I love films, that can accomplish, 'the after thought', in me... Personally, it means, their was something more to the film, somehow the film moved me in some way..., IMHO, what makes experiencing great films, all worth while, is how they have touched me or moved me in someway, that's what a great film experience is all about... :D

My favorite scene in, 'Se7en' is the coffee shop scene, where Tracy and Sumerset, are talking about her pregnancy. It was emotional, giving even more depth to what was going to take place, later in the film. It was a very crucial scene and Freeman and Paltrow pulled it off so wonderfully.

'Se7en', is a finely crafted, psychological-crime-thriller. John Doe's apartment is a world unto it's own, which was simply fascinating. Even the journals, John Doe, recorded so meticulously were authentic looking and realistic. 'Se7en', may not be for everyone, as the subject matter can be disturbing and disgusting to fathom at times, but I loved it...

The sound for, 'Se7en', is top notch all the way. The (DTS-ES 6.1) fills my ML with energy and power in every scene. I will love it, when this film comes out on Blue-Ray, hopefully, sometime in the next year or two...

Se7en - "New Line Platinum Series", is a double disc DVD set. Disc #1 is the Movie. Disc#2 is the 'Supplemental Material', which consists of Deleted scenes and extended takes, alternative endings with animated story boards, commentary tracks and much more.

I highly recommend, 'Se7en' as an excellent film to own on DVD. :D

:D HT relaxed, comfortably in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on...




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