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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: The Bone Collector (DTS)
Year of Release: 1999
Film Studio: Columbia Pictures / Universal
Genre: Suspense Thriller / Horror

This crime film has all the suspense, thriller and horror elements all rolled into one. Its interesting story / plot too. The cast is terrific. Denzel Washington heads up the cast playing a top homicide investigator, struck down in the line of duty, to become a totally, dependant invalid. Washington is quite interesting as well as believable as a quadriplegic cop, who really does not what to live anymore. It is an interesting plot twist, having the lead actor totally immobilized, this action film. He character is ‘Lincoln Rhyme’ is just about to cash-out, when a high profile and intriguing criminal case is brought to his attention, by the excellent, comic character actor, Ed O’Neill. I like the relationship between Rhyme and the good regular cops on the beat, like O’Neill’s character, in this film.

What is so interesting to me is the intelligence of this crime suspense / thriller. It keeps you entertained but the film is not too gross or gory. Although this film is grizzly at times, as some of the crime victims are torched before dying, the director, Phillip Noyce, chooses not to show us all the gory details, thankfully. The simple suggestion and after scene is enough.

Angelina Jolie does a good job in this role, as Amelia Donaghy. She portrays the young rookie cop, with the gift / knack of homicide investigation. It helps that she is a gorgeous beauty too. Jolie exudes angry and intelligence at the same time. She is drawn to Rhyme because he is looking for the truth. I enjoyed her performance very much. Jolie is very pleasing to watch in this very entertaining film. :D

Queen LaTifah is a very good supporting actress, in her role as the nurse to Rhyme. She is no non-since and yet convincing as his nurse.

This film toughly entertained me... :D The DTS sound is excellent and again all my ML’s were displaying all of the sonic dynamics of this demanding sound track. The Bone Collector sounded wonderful in DTS. This DVD is very light on extra features, other than the DTS sound and production notes.

If you like crime thriller / horror films this is a good one…

:D HT relaxed, comfortably in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on…