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Has anyone used the Scripts as LR in a stereo (non-home theater) setup? I have a smallish room (11'-6" X 15') and a limited budget (~$1000) so I was thinking the Scripts might do the trick. I listened to Vistas at a dealership and very much liked what I heard but they are considerably more $$ than my budget. I assume that the Scripts would have similar sonic characteristics, and I have a 12" NHT sealed sub to fill in the low end. I would say that "ruthlessly revealing" speakers are not what I am looking for. The Vistas, while very detailed and airy, were much more forgiving than the Magnepans I heard at another dealer. I primarily listen to rock music but my tastes are all over the road, including classical, folk, and rap. Most of my favorite recordings do not fall into the audiophile category.

I used to have the Acoustat Monitor 4 with integrated servo/tube amps and my system has lacked a level of "magic" with the box speakers I've had since. I miss that sound! The Monitors were always musical no matter the recording and I'm hoping that I can find something with that magic.

I currently have a 100W /ch solid state Dynaco amp and Acurus linestage.


Bruce Weiland

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Apr 22, 2006
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Round Rock, Texas, USA
Hella (?),

I used scripts as my main two channel for about 1 and 1/2 years. I used some subs and it was wonderful.

However, depending on music, they could sound very good without the subs.

I ran the Script i full range and brought the subs in at 60 hz.

I have recently upgraded to Prodigy and have my script i for sale. I expect payment from a guy in NY that I just spoke with, in about an hour.

However, the ad will be on line for at least 10 more days. You can check out the stands I made for my speakers at the link below or under the classified section of this user group.


Good luck.



I second the used aerius comment.....I absolutely love mine, and there are a ton on sale thru audiogon and ebay all the time. Go for the i series and ask if smoke/pet exposure and how old etc... similiar price and a definate jump up. those should work great in that small room also.