Removing smoke residue from 'stat panels (long post)

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First, sorry for the long post.
I just purchased a pair of Aeon i's in just about perfect condition. Unfortunately, the speakers were not used in a smoke-free environment.:mad:
After airing out for a month and using a great product by Meguire's, I've removed the smoke smell from the cabinets.
However, the panels themselves still exude a faint smell of smoke and also exhibit the dreaded "black dot" syndrome.
I've tried vacuuming the stats several times (always after an overnight discharge) and gently brushed them following Roberto's paint brush suggestion.
These dust dots don't appear to be loose, but are adheringto the surface of the panel.
When I probe a few of the perforations with a slightly damped Q-tip, it will come away either gray or black. Yecchhh!
Anyone have any success removing such residue?
I'm open to just about any suggestion and will even clean each and every perf (I know this has been done by another forum member before) if I have to.
Has anyone used Dan's shower technique on an Aeon i?
I just want the panel to be clean, residue fee and operating at peak performance.
Please pass along your thoughts-I'll try anything as long as it's safe for the panel.
Hi Charlie,

This has been discussed on here alot in the past. Please use the SEARCH function. ;)

You'll find some stuff in the TWEAKS section, including a great write-up in PDF format one of our members took the time to create and post. Here's the direct link: Shower Cleaning PDF

Removing the panels from your speakers may differ from what you see in Steve's photos, but the washing and drying process is the same.

Thanks and good luck!

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