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I have been looking into power gear and trying to decide which way to go. Think I am going with Richard Gray. I just read and article(Sorry not on line so can not post link) This said that the use of a surge protector does nothing but hurt. It said the best thing is none at all. Just a high quality power strip. It said if there is a lighting strike the surge protector would not make a diiferance, something about the ground. Also said power conditioners might help one thing or two but do more harm then could. This was an independent article not a sales pitch. Anyone have any thoughts?:confused:
okay, i'll tell you in short. don't plug your amps into anything but the wall receptacle. 99% of the items on the market are current limiting even if they say they aren't. if you want a truly black background, go with balanced power and know that it is the best solution available to audiophiles for noise removal (bpt and equitech are good). richard gray units are good since they cover the entire circuit (from noise) even if the units are not directly plugged into it. if you get a direct hit from lighting (or very close) NOTHING will save your equipment. if you are tru;y stuck up on getting a surge suppressor get either a surgex or brickwall unit and be done with it. happy hunting!!!!