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Paul Pohopien

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Jan 8, 2005
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Glendora, California
I have a pair of the original Aerius, (biwire version) and from time to time I come across people on audiogon selling theirs, but stating the "upgraded the woofers"

Is there some "upgrade" that I don't know about for these. Seems like a woofer swap-out would require modifications to the crossover too.

Any comments are welcomed.

I bought a pair of the first couple hundered produced and still have them.

I don't know anything about upgraded woofers.

I do have mis-matched voice coil dust covers because I had to replace a woofer when the speaker was about five years old. I had taken my speakers to the shop and they said the woofer was fine, stators needed replacing.

My wife and I could clearly hear it was the woofer blown. Fustrated I contacted Jim Power at M/L and he sent me an old woofer used for early testing off the closet shelf when I ordered new stat panels from him.

It sounds the same, with a flash light you can see the difference.

The upgrade most encouraged and done, is the new board for "auto-on and stand-by" of the power supply. My speakers are always on (unlike the Aerius-i), I unplug them if I know that I won't be listening to music for a month. I had them unplugged for a whole summer while I painted the house once - just to busy.

The original Aerius is a sealed box design.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the Aerius-i is a ported woofer.

This would mean the woofer/bass unit drivers are NOT interchangable.