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Jan 2, 2005
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Rochester, Michigan
I know this has been discussed before, but a quick search of the archives didn't hit anything.

I have come across a pair of used Aerius i's for sale locally. The guy is the second owner and does not know the age of the speakers. He's passed along the first characters in the serial numbers. They start out with AEMA. I'd like to know the approximate production date.

Does anyone have serial number/production date information? I know it's been posted before, I just haven't found it yet.

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Here was my post from awhile back. I did misplace the info from Jim Power gave me but I hope this will help.

"I looked and I can not find it. I think it went something like this
For example, my panel serial numbers are "SS3NH714" & "SS3NH715". I think all the panels for my model (Sequels) and I am not sure about others, start with SS. The "3",I don't remember, the N I believe is for 2002. So L is 2000, M is 2001 and N is 2002 and so on. The H is the month of manufacture.

I got this from Jim Power at ML but I can not find it now.
Emal for Jim Power is, [email protected] and he will tell you how it is decoded.

see attached Word document.


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That's exactly what I was looking for. I've seen this posted before but had not tracked it down.

I agree, Peter, I think this should be posted somewhere (easy to find) on the site for all to reference.

I think there may be one correction. On my Sequel II's the serials are start with "SS". I think this may designate Sequels, I hope, :confused: and that a single "S" maybe for SL3's. Any SL3 owners want to verify this. I think this should be a good working document for all of us.

Doesn't apply to mine...

I checked the chart, and it doesn't apply to my ML's. I have a set of CLS's I got used, from a man in Lawrence, KS, who got them from Ron Sutherland (hint: his middle name is Logan).
From looking at the electronics boards, I believe they may be original prototypes (several of the components have been replaced, clipped out, jumpered across, etc.). If anyone can track the Serial Numbers of these units, they are ML-211-1E (2E for the second one). The panels have been updated to the newer 'divided' type found on the II and IIz.