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For Sale For sale Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A - $12,000 (Madison)

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Jul 26, 2017
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Madison, Wisconsin
We are leaving Wisconsin for a home purchase in Cedar Rapids, IA

Since we do not trust how the Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A will be handled by the movers, we decided to sell them locally and start over with something else in Cedar Rapids.

This is how the ad appears on Craigslist

For sale Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A - $12,000 (Madison)

They are always kept with covers on when not in use and they have less than 500 hours. How do I know this? My wife has a collection of 1,500 LPs and we keep track of hours so we know when the stylus will hit 800 hours. CD’s are used only minimally. Right now we are at 285 hours’ worth of LP playing time.

Arrange for an audition in our system in our home.

To learn more go here: MartinLogan | Expression ESL 13A Current price: $17,999.98 pair

I will include the PBK Perfect Bass Kit (used twice) which I had to purchase separately:

MartinLogan | PBK - Perfect Bass Kit Current price: $119.00 each

condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Martin Logan
model name / number: Expression ESL 13A

I will probably discount them by 10% and sell for $10,800, if the person does not start off by trying to low ball us.

Of course all original power cords and manual and white gloves (never opened) and original boxes!

If you know of someone who might be interested kindly share this information.
Warm regards,
Christopher Frank
[email protected]