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Paul Pohopien

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Jan 8, 2005
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Glendora, California
Just wondering if anyone has any preamp preferences to mate with a set up Bryston 7b monos. I'm looking in the 1,500 to 2,100 range.

Specifically, I'm considering used Krell, Levinson, and Pass products and would prefer a preamp with as deep a staging as possible, as I'm in a relatively small listening room

Thanks! :)
The Pass Aleph P preamp is an excellent match with Bryston (or most amps).
Used I'd expect to pay $900 to $1500 , depending on age/remote Vs. no remote/luck.

The BAT VK-5i is also an excellent match (BAT = Balanced Audio Technology). Only hindrance here is that the VK5i uses only balanced in's/out's and you'd have to use XLR adapters for single ended rca sources (but the pre is good enough to make this worth it,...on the amp connection you'd be OK, as the Bryston takes XLR's). I'd expect a used one with remote to run $1700 to $2K(?) ,...Echo Audio in Porland OR have one on their website (a used one)

If you'd like a budget suggestion, look for a used Adcom GFP-750. This pre was designed by Nelson Pass for Adcom. It can be run passive (best) or active and is a very flexible preamp (passive/active, theatre thru put, balance on the remote two, can revearse the channels etc.) - used circa

I liked the Adcom with Bryston/Martin Logan's better than Bryston's own preamps (their top one at the time, BP25 I think it's called?). Both the BAT and the Pass are even better, but cost double.

I can only speak to what I have had. I recently traded in my Rotel preamp. I was nice but I felt it was lacking and sometimes a bit bright. I purchased a Conrad Johnson preamp, the PV10bl. I think these are being discontinued? I got mine for $1199 new (L.A. prices) LOL

It is very simple and does not have a remote, no phono preamp section and only one pre out. There may be some used ones out there higher up the food chain. :D

I guess it all depends on what you like and more importantly what you can afford. :rolleyes:

Good Luck

the top 2 channel is the BP25, but the current pre-pro is the SP1.7

the SP1.7 has some interesting things about it, including a pure analog 2 channel bypass mode allowing you access to a BP25 for your analogue sources.

with the 2 channel bypass available for each of the 6 inputs, that gives you 12 inputs plus a 13th 6 channel input for SACD or what have you.

i've had the SP1.7 for about 18 months and it just keeps sounding better. there is no video at all, but bryston puts out a video switch partner to the SP1.7 or you can do what i did, which is use 3rd party video gear, for me that was extron.

having said all this, i don't like bryston amps as much as other ones. they just didn't give me that armhair raising shiver like some other ones did (like the meitners). so, even if you're not a fan of bryston amps (or maybe because your not :) you should consider the bryston sp 1.7