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Hi everyone,

I have a problem that I'd like your advice on.

I have a pair of Sequel II's driven by either a Krell 300i (ss) or Music Reference RM9 (tube). The sound on the left speaker is louder than the right.

I've run a test disc and measured the output on a Radio Shack SPL meter. The left channel is at 73 db and the right channel at 71 db. The speaker also makes a hissing noise. This is a new occurence. It didn't used to do it 6 months ago.

Can someone help me troubleshoot the problem? Do the panels or electronics need replacing?

Please advice and thanks in advance for your help.

i can't remember off the top of my head what the solution is, but if you search the forums you will find it as it has been discussed before. i believe you should first vacumm the panels very well, then if still no change, wash them. after that, i would email ml and they will tell you for sure what the problem is and how to fix it.
I had the same problem with my Sequels - Ending up washing the panels and also cleaning the electronics. Here is the thread on "Dan's Sequel II Cleaning Service":

Helped out with how they sounded and also with some of the imbalance. It did not cure it all, but improved it somewhat. If I remember right, new panels for the Sequel II's are $400-$500. But prices could have changed since I last checked.

Before doing any of this you can swap the electronics between the two and check, then you can swap panels between the two and check.

If in doubt about this, contact ML before to see if there are other things you can do.

Great tips!

Thanks for the tips. I'll try vacuuming the speakers, then washing the panel and electronics. If they don't work, I'll try replacing the panels. There is a Martin Logan dealer about a block away.


Washing the panel will get rid of any dust vacuuming the panel cannot. Keep in mind washing the panel should be a last case scenario. It could destroy the panel, but no one has reported this happing yet. Everyone that has tryed has found it gives new life to old pannels. I am thinking about trying it on my Ascents.

I had a problem with my ascents, one panel was a little more dynamic and lively then the other, it made the sound stage heavy to the left speaker. Or in other words the left speaker over power the right. My solution was to clean the binding posted with Caig’s Deoxit and condition the medal with Caig’s Pro Gold. I cleaned every RCA cable, jack, plug, IEC, power cord, you name it, the hole system. After that the speakers were balanced and it was like a vale had been lifted from my system. I now clean my hole system every 6 months.

For info on Deoxit and ProGold click the link.

Good Luck
Joe :D
Soldering and cleaning

Wow, that's good advice too. I'll have to try cleaning the connectors first since it's easy to do.

Can you guys help describe what the connectors to the stators look like?

I've never disconnected the panel before and don't know what to look for.


Hi Alvin,

Assuming that your sequels are similar to my ReQuests you should have setup as follows:
- 3 wires going from inside of the woofer enclosure (HV board and cros-over board) terminating at wire junction located at the front of the loudspeaker, near to the bottom edge of this portion of frame, which holds panel;
- 3 way wire junction (similar or the same as electricians use in home wiring, such one with screws);
- piece of wire (appx 15-20 cm) from stator to this junction point.

As far as I remember some members reported poor condition of mentioned wire junction (oxidation, lots of carbon etc) - it this case cleaning/replacing may help.

My case was related to poor connection last piece of the wire to stator itself. Here the connection is simply made of soldering to the stator. I have just re-soldered it and this cured the problem. Be careful to not overheat stators as this potentionally may affect mylar foil.

In both cases you have to remove panels (in ReQuests by puling up the side rails) and start your inspection from here.

Great step by step pictures

Thanks guys for the advice on the stators.

I'll take the panels apart this weekend when I get back in town.

I can't wait to try our everyone's fixes.

Thanks again guys for all your help.

Best regards,