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Jan 21, 2005
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On 4/22 @ 12:25 AM my third and final child was born (7lbs 7ozs). As I absorb her presence in and on the world, I have time to reflect on what is important in my life. The acquisition of things, which I have engaged in with the best of them, brings me limited, finite pleasures. I find that as I get older, people more consistently make me happy, that a great album brings more pleasure than the things that play it. The people in our lives that we love and that love us are infinitely more important. When the amps are gone and the speakers sold, the people and their memories of us will be all that is left. I hope that the people I love don't remember me as that guy who played with audio equipment, but as that guy who loved his wife and his children.
Beautiful sentiments, thanks for sharing.

Last night my wife and I (childless by choice) baby sat for our neighbors. The little boy is constanly filled with joy and glee, I've never seen such a happy well behaved kid. I though this was supposed to be the terrible two's because he is 2-1/2 years old, quite the opposite. he constanly played and ran around the house like a marathon runner which was entertaining for me.

When the parents came back from an evening out the child was still laughing with glips of glee and joy. The father said that no mater how bad a day at work, was he always had this to come home to. The first thing the child wants to do is have his father chase him around the loop (hall/living/dining/kitchen loop around a load bearing wall). Pretty soon three adults were running around the house like kids themselves, all soon completely winded and gasping for breath.

Children can be pretty amazing.

PS: Congratulations.
Congratuations on your new addition. I agree with your statements. I have two kids that are now essentially grown but I still enjoy them and they do make me laugh.

Mazeltov!! :D

Hi risabet,

Congratulations for the arrival of the new baby and thanks for the wise words. Well spoken !

Best regards !