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Just 1??? :eek: LOL!

Well, I still live in an apt so I can't really test out the speakers yet. But, from what I've heard, most of my CDs don't have every song on them sounding that good, usually it's just a few songs or parts of a song, so I'd make a compilation CD:

1. Def Leppard - "Fom the Inside" off the "Retroactive CD".

It's a slow acoustic song with a grand piano, tin whistle and mandolin. My wife heard the acoustic guitar and said it sounded so incredibly real!! This was her own honest reaction w/o having me to ask "how does that sound?" (who'd of ever think DL had a good SQ CD?)

2. Neal Schon (the guitarist from Journey who at age 15 palyed with Santana and later with Clapton) - "Espanique" from "Beyond Thunder"

3. Rush - "Nocturne" from "Vapor Trails".

The SQ doesn't sound all that great, but when Geddy Lee sings, his voice sounds so incredibly liquidy smooth!! It's sooo spooky!

My interests has turned away from rock and towards smooth jazz, so once I start purchasing those types of CD I'll update my list. I'm very curious for any suggestions :)
Vinyl - Future Sound of London-Cascade

CD - Ray of Light Madonna
Jeff Zaret said:
What kind of jazz?
Vocals, instrumental, both?

Hi Jeff,

I like both, but instrumentals a bit more.

Call me wierd, but I like the sound of the xylophone :p
I like saxaphones, but need to keep the volume down (it hurts my ears). I also like the acoustic spanish-like guitar sounds, wood sounds, pipes and flutes...the sound of rain...pretty much anything if it sounds good. I want to stay away from the artificial/amplified sounds (like synthesizers and electric guitars).

Got any suggestions? :)

The only jazz CD I have now is a live Latin Jazz colabration. The only other place I hear jazz is from Smooth Jazz CD FM 101.9 in NYC.
Only one

Only one, maybe

Phantom of the Opera "Original cast Soundtrack"
I pondered this question for the last 5 minutes and have come up with nothing. I would need at least 2 or 3 cds. One would definitely be Kendra Shank...then there's Spyro Gyra....and Yo Yo Ma... those are some decent recordings.
Peter_Klim said:
Call me wierd, but I like the sound of the xylophone
Got any suggestions? :)

Hey Peter,

I'm assuming your're in NYC if you're picking up the FM radio stations, yeah?

I agree with you on the xylophone. Two or three years ago I heard a Japanese woman play at Carnegie Hall on a wide variety of xylophones. It was truly amazing, the instument was so big that she was leaping in the air
to reach the other side at times.

Anyway, I unfortunetly don't remember her name, but perhaps if you were to check out a classical music store on the genre you can locate her, based on her Carnegie Credits, being a young female, and acclaimed as the best in the world.

One last note: If you are infact in NYC, have you ever been to a restaurant called, "Cafe Taci?" It's on 110th and Broadway. Every weekend and wednesday night they have professional vocalist from Juliard and Columbia Univ come over and sing opera. Quite an amazing place to be and often time among some big names. Food is very good, as well as the prices, and the last I checked, it wasn't in the Zagat guide.

Also, check out:

Because of Audience Extras, I've seen over Three-hundred (300) Broadway/off broadway plays/preformance/ ballets, and recitals in the last four years. All for only $3.00 per ticket.
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