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Jul 24, 2005
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Hello Martin-Logan Fans,
I´m a new member of this forum and living in France. I´m owning a pair Monolith III which are powered at the moment with EAD Powermaster 2000 via a active X-over. This amp has no problem to handle the Monoliths and I´m quite satisfied, but I´m still missing the sound of a tube amp.
A few days ago I heard Atma-Sphere MA-1 MkII.3 amps on Duntech Crownprice speakers and I can´t get this out of my mind anymore!!!
Does anybody have an idea if these Atma-Sphere MA-1 MkII.3 OTL amps are capable to drive the load of the Monolith III panels??
If not, do you have any recommendation for a good tube amp?
I really hope that someone can help me.
Thank´s for info

Hello jjqiv,
thank you very much for your information. I had a look at this webside and did some further investigation in the internet about this Autoformers and found only positive feedbacks about them. It really looks like that this could help. I certainly will give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walter :)